Friday, December 31, 2010

Far From The Noisy Town

The human crave for success and recognition seems too much for me
To be a better person is all i can wish to be
And those in need of helping i will help if i can
Make the World better to live in make myself a better man
The crave for material things such as wealth and fame
As well as all things such lead to that one well might name
Has reached a new height in the Human World of today
Many have become enamoured by self or it does seem that way
I long for a quiet place away from my own kind
Where Nature resides one does find peace of mind
The songs of the birds and the humming of the bees
Where the butterflies dance above the sunlit trees
Far from where egotistical people compete for renown
Where Nature reign supreme far from the noisy town.

Wars And Rumors Of More Wars

For love of their Nation born of patriotic pride
Far too many young people in wars have died
Or have been crippled for life or injured in a bad way
Even for victory in conflict the price huge to pay
Yet those who instigate war and from victory stand to gain
Never take part in the battle never know of the mental or physical pain
That the sight of death and carnage to the body and mind of the soldier does bring
Though of war and war heroes the patriotic may sing
Due to religion and borders and the racial and cultural divide
Wars and rumours of more wars abound Worldwide
And with many Nation leaders with nuclear weapons in their command we live in the fear
That the threat of Worldwide death and destruction to us is ever near
With wars and rumors of more wars it does seem sad to say
That the flower of peace cannot bloom in the World of today.

One Can Only Live In Hope

One can only live in hope that good times may be near
At the end for us of another poor year
At least poor financially in every way
Even poorer than we were on last New Year's Day
In a Human World where money speaks every language remains to be true
A change in financial luck for us does seem overdue
To live for the dream can never be a sin
Of striking it rich in a big lotto win
Like 'tis said all good things come to those who wait
And one day our dream come true we may celebrate
Nothing for us to celebrate in the year just gone
Though hope springs eternal and it is living on
Financially things cannot be much worse for us next year
And i have a feeling that the good times are near.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Humbling Thing

On the church belfry to where i am near
The tolling of the funeral bell i do hear
To proclaim to all of human mortality
A similar bell will one day ring for me
For all of us there is a last night and day
'For whom the bell tolls' as said by Hemingway
The funeral bell in the chapel nearby
It's tolling echoes to the calm mid day sky
For some male or female a final farewell
Though he or she will not hear the toll of the bell
That reminds all who hear it including you and i
That like all other mortals we are born to die
The tolling of the funeral bell unmelodious though clear
Is such a humbling thing for the ego to hear.

If We Did Not Have The Bad Writers

I have written a lot but i have not written well
Such stuff as lovers of poetry dismiss as doggerel
As some like to say true poets are rare
Though that's something of which i am quite aware
But always something new to write about every day
And despite what the literary critics do say
Of those who can never hope to make the grade
All sorts of writers are needed in the Wordsmith trade
Yes the Wordsmith trade does need poetasters like me
That is why poets are few would you not agree?
Not every writer can be one of literary note
A renowned novelist or playwright or lexiographer or poet
If we did not have the bad writers we could not have the great
And the famous and successful for to celebrate.

Even The Thought Of Such Things

These are things that one would not do in a whim
The Mushera Hill Christmas Day climb or the Boeing New Year's Day swim
Even the thought of such things leaves me feeling cold
Suppose this is what happens when one is unfit and feeling old

When bracken clad Mushera is covered in snow
In five or more degrees below zero the harsh Winter winds blow
Across the unsheltered face of old Mushera Hill
Brave men and women, boys and girls climb together in the cold morning chill

Up to Mushera's summit overlooking Aubane's countryside
Where on a clear day one can see for miles far and wide
But in Winter the fog can obscure the scenery
And grayness around you is all you can see

On Christmas day in all sorts of weather storms, frost, snow or rain
They climb to Mushera's summit and walk back down again
Though for their enthusiasm, courage and dedication they must be admired
Just thinking about such leaves one cold and tired

With snow on the ground and frost on the breeze
In weather temperatures well under zero degrees
At the Boeing hardy males and females put courage on display
And swim in the freezing Blackwater on cold New Year's Day

You can call it amazing or unbelievable or call it what you may
It does take super courage is all that one can say
To swim in the icy Blackwater in January in weather severe
In view of snow clad Clara thousands of miles north of here

It takes great enthusiasm as well as determination and will
To swim in the Blackwater or to climb Mushera Hill
In the depths of Winter with snow on the ground
In Duhallow stories of such courage abound.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A seventy year old widowed grandmother Maria is her name
Her maternal grandmother did hail from a place called Kiskeam
Of this Southern Country north and far away
The years have left her looking weary and gray

And though better days in life she surely has known
She seems happy though she does live on her own
She has forged many friendships since she does socialize
And she is quite friendly and humorous and wise

She is one i see often though not every day
With her friends at the bowl club rooms bingo she does play
Her beloved husband Guiseppe died five years ago
From stomach cancer his end it was painful and slow

But Maria will tell you life has to go on
We must live in the now for the past it has gone
And if she has cares and worries them she does not show
The happy one everyone wishes to know.

Though Some May Say

Though some may say that solitary living can be a good thing
The sadness that aloness to one can bring
That can only be felt by those of such who do know
Where sadness prevails happiness cannot grow
Us humans are meant to be of the gregarious kind
But if like minded people for company you cannot seem to find
Then you may grow lonely in your own company
At least anyway that's how it does seem to be
Most do have their own tribes it does seem that way
And 'tis each to their own as some are known to say
Your acquaintances many but your true friends are few
In that i'm not saying anything that is new
Though like minded people to you may be rare
You need others like you with your ideas to share.

'Tis Up To You

'Tis up to you to be a better person and help others out if you can
This applies to everybody to every woman and every man
In me heaps of room for improvement for to improve in every way
To put my advice into practice since words are so easy to say
In a Human World where the wealthy and famous are those who are glorified
By the very impressionable masses fan worship is now Worldwide
But many of those considered to be quite successful can be quite self centred indeed
Of more of those aware of the needs of others the Human World is in need
If we cannot respect self we cannot respect others only happens for to be true
And if you sow the seeds of good Karma then good things will surely be your due
What goes around always comes around as some are known for to say
I do believe in such as it does seem that life can often be this way
'Tis up to you to be a better person when you give in other ways you receive
Self love does lead to love of others on such i am one who believe.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For Myself Why Should I Feel Sorry

For myself why should i feel sorry mine is not a sad life at all
I'm happier with my lot more than most are and i have good memories to recall
Of my walks in different places and of Nature's beauty i have seen
When i visualize i can picture the bluebells on the ditch of the bohreen
When Spring is in her prime in the Northlands and the hawthorns wear their white blooms of the May
And the nesting wild birds are singing in places from here far away
Where i first fell in love with Nature as a primary school going boy
And learning about her and her ways is something i still do enjoy
In this great far Southern Country the home of koala and roo
Kookaburra, emu and echidna, platypus, rosella and cockatoo
I enjoy my walks in the parklands where i learn from Nature every day
And than Nature there is no greater teacher at least not to me anyway
For myself why should i feel sorry when i do not know of poverty
And i live for enjoyment of Nature there are many far worse off than me.

You May Be A Nice Person

You may be a nice person kind and helpful in every way
But always one not nice things of you for to say
The wise words of a wise person i do recall
You may well win many but you cannot win them all
Yes always somebody fault with you to find
Some negative people to such do seem all too inclined
The best one can do is live good as one can
And look for the good in every woman and man
That you cannot win everyone sounds very true
Not everyone will pay you the respect you are due
But one might say i am not saying anything new
When i say that such people as always are few
You may be the nicest person in the town
But always one verbally to put you down.

They Are known As The Common Mynas

They are known as the common mynas because in their range they are a common sight
Dark brown birds not ugly to look at they look pretty in the sunlight
Often seen in towns and cities and suburbs their numbers seem to multiply
They surely are Nature's survivors that much of them none can deny
Familiar in their range to many by their appearance and scratchy song
Once seen and heard quite unmistakeable one never ought to get them wrong
Looked upon as a pest by many and nicknamed the cane toads of the air
Some of the judgements we make on some of Nature's creatures to say the least not always fair
They were introduced to Australia from tropical cities in Asia far away
But as much at home in Australian towns and cities as they are in Delhi or Bombay
'Tis said by some they displace the native birds though us people we too are that way
We are the main cause of extinction despite what some may think or say
They are known as the common mynas and they live as a big family
And they have their wars and disagreements not unlike us would you agree?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Day On Poverty Street

From where the Christmas spirit does seem far away
Christmas day on Poverty Street just another day
No decorations, Santa or carol singers on the side of the town
On the street where only the friendless and homeless do walk up and down
A police car patrolling the street searching for a homeless teen
Near where a robbery was committed he was reportedly seen
Perhaps he is hiding in a disused shed nearby
And he will venture out when darkness cloaks the sky
To search in the rubbish bins for what will be his Christmas treat
Thrown out bits of food that others could not eat
The homeless of Poverty Street care not if Christmas never came
To them all nights and days are much the same
Any ambition of better things in life from them has gone
Their struggle it is just to keep living on.

When Blackbird Sing

When blackbird sing in Summer of the year
You always know that thunder rain is near
For Summer it is not his time for song
And weatherwise he never gets it wrong
Sensitive to his surroundings one might say
He sings in the bright sunshine of mid-day
Of weather change he somehow seems to know
Of Nature's ways my wonder only grow
Though we learn new things from her every day
Her secrets from us she does hide away
There's more to her more than the eyes can see
The World's only super power to me
In Summer sunshine when the blackbird sing
That rain is near almost a certain thing.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

She Said To Me

She said to me why do you waste your time
On expending your energy scribbling rhyme
In written words you have said all you can say
Do yourself a favour and call it a day
Though secretly her words were not lost on me
With her of course i chose for to disagree
For many years i have been a rhyming buff
And perhaps i have written by far too much stuff
On what is my business she did have her say
Still she'll never see me give rhyming away
I will keep on writing for as long as i can
Since rhyming does make me a happier man
And though my worth as a rhymer i often do doubt
I am never short of things for to write about.

Sean Radley's Amazing Images

The wonder of it only does seem to grow
Sean Radley's amazing images of Millstreet in snow
Though hardly the place for to go to for to improve your suntan
It is thanks for the great pics to the talented man

Though the images on screen beautiful to behold
The very thought of it leaves me feeling cold
The harsh winds of Winter with the breath of chill
Blowing through the old Town in view of Clara Hill

Far inland in miles from Hibernia's Shore
'Tis cold by the mountain above Claramore
The cattle in farmshed are bellowing for silage or hay
Back there it may well be a white Christmas Day

Times tough on Irish people economy wise
Though in Climate Change the harsh Winter weather comes as no surprise
Hungry birds searching for food in every backyard
On people and creatures such cold snaps are hard

A snow covered Town in a bleak countryside
Sean Radley's snow pictures are viewed Worldwide
By Duhallow migrants who know all too well
That Winter weather in Ireland can be Earthly Hell

Far south of old Clara the weather is fine
The gray shrike thrush pipes in the Summer sunshine
The butterflies dance around the flowering tree
And the magpie lark sings his familiar pee wee.

'Tis Not Unusual

'Tis not unusual that the one who owes you money is usually slow to pay
But if you owe such to someone that person may ring you every day
And even threaten you with violence and promise to re-arrange your face
That people can be bashed over money often is the case
People have been murdered because of money or due to it in other ways have died
Such as by aggressive creditors driven to suicide
Crimes related to money nowadays in the World to say the least are rife
Some people value legal currency more than they value human life
Many because of money resort to violent crime
And become guests of the State in jail serving prison time
With those who say money is not everything i for one cannot disagree
But those who are short of it do know of poverty
And 'tis unusual for the one who owe you money to immediately send you a cheque in the mail
It can be a source of the worst crimes and because of it many are in jail.

Monday, December 20, 2010

There Would Be Hell To Pay

With North and South Korea threatening each other today
A Nuclear War may not be that far away
Two wrongs never make a right is all i have to say
But in war for Koreans North and South there would be hell to pay
Neither Government leaders will compromise due to their inflated sense of pride
This is what usually happens when big egos collide
The lives and safety of their citizens they never take into account
Such things to egotistical people of great power to nothing does amount
Compassion and insight to such people never seems to apply
Of such gifts they always seem in short supply
That thousands of their people would die does not phase them at all
But like it is said of pride it come before a fall
A Nuclear war between North and South Korea would be a catastrophe indeed
Of which Korea and the Human World of is not in need.

He Will Never Be One Of The In Crowd

He will never be one of the in crowd to be different to most is his sin
Uninterested in sports and drinking grog one might say that he does not fit in
To the ways of the tribes of the township his interests are different to most
To any local successes one who never does join in the toast
He breeds raises and race racing pigeons one of his great interests in life
As well as being a good father and a good husband to his daughter and his mentally ill wife
Not even well known in his neighbourhood though of time he has lived there for a long span
known by the nickname of those who know of him believe it if you may 'The Pigeon Man'
He does not attend any church worship or to any God he does not pray
Like his mum and dad he is an atheist he lives in his own sort of way
The only club he is affiliated with is 'The State Pigeon Racing Club'
One not into community socializing or never seen in any pub
Yet he is a friendly sort of fellow and of worries he does seem carefree
With his wife and their daughter and his pigeons he feels as happy as can be.

I Go Back In Time

I go back in time to a long gone Spring
To where i last heard the male robin sing
On the tall cypress tree by the garden wall
Such memories are always a joy to recall

Does a descendant of the bird by my first home far away
Sing upon that old tree in the warmth of the May
When the dipper does sing in the silver tongued rill
That babbles to the river from the field by the hill?

The past may be gone but the memories remain
And in fancy i walk in the old fields again
With Pudsy the dog when i was a young boy
Such happy reflections i have to enjoy

The mentors of my young years to the forever gone
And time has left me older and it keeps ticking on
But on the tall cypress tree in the drizzling Spring rain
The song of the robin in my mind i retain

My fate will be the same as the sheep or the cow
And the past it has gone i must live in the now
But the memory to me some pleasure does bring
Of the song of the robin in a far away Spring.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Marvellous Gift Of Love

Whenever applied it never fails to succeed
The marvellous gift of love is a great gift indeed
Without it humanity could not hope to survive
But where-ever anger and mistrust are prevalent love cannot thrive
The singers and poets it's praises do sing
Yes love without doubt is a wonderful thing
It brings people together whilst hatred divide
The mental healing power of love it cannot be denied
We would not have war and hatred if only love we did know
And the white flower of peace it would blossom and grow
But not enough of love in the Human World of today
And that does seem a sad thing for to have to say
People who know of love live a happier life
And where it is prevalent harmony is rife.

Though Nowadays Self Promotion

Though nowadays self promotion does seem the in thing
It would be best to leave others your praises to sing
For self praise is no praise does ring ever true
To whoever first coined that phrase credit is due
Though some into self promotion do know of success
The boaster the gullible often does impress
That action speaks louder than words does not always apply
Why this has to be one has to wonder why?
So compassionate and caring in her own way
Kind Annie she does some good deeds every day
She helps her poor elderly neighbours without asking for pay
But of how marvellous she is you will not hear her say
Yet she is not even well known in her side of the town
Perhaps humility never does win one renown.

Australia's First People

They have lived in Australia for thousands of years
Though their recent history is full of stories of tears
But we cannot change the past since the past it has gone
And we live in the now and life does go on
Australia's first people they always will be
Their culture has it's source in an old history
The descendants of the people of the Dreamtime perhaps the World's oldest race
Amongst other Aussies they do take pride of place
That is a right of them that cannot be denied
And their black, red and yellow flag to them a source of pride
To be the first Australians is their proud claim to renown
Their myths and their legends from the Dreamtime passed down
An old race of people their history is great
And them and their culture we should celebrate.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time Is Ticking On

Time Magazine has it's person of the year
And the stories of the successful and celebrated we read of and hear
But the facts are we are mere mortals and facts never lie
And like all living things we are born to die

The past greats of the Human World to the forever gone
But their contribution to the betterment of humanity in recorded history lives on
But even such records in time may fade away
In centuries from now will people know of the greats of today?

Like the Seasons of Nature to life we come and go
And time does eventually become our foe
The child into adulthood quickly does grow
And the young one walks fast and the old one walks slow

Time is ticking on in my mortality
And the rhyme i do pen here may not outlive me
But in the end will it matter for me anyway
Since time has me nearer my last night and day

Far north of this Country my life's journey began
And there from a boy i grew into a man
The years telling on me and old age is ahead
And soon i will be with the forgotten dead.

In Duhallow Today

The icy breath of Winter from the northlands do blow
And the fields and the mountains are covered in snow
The cattle in farmyard shed bellow for silage or hay
It is cold very cold in Duhallow today
By every back door hungry birds pecking bread
A long, hard and hungry Winter of them lay ahead
Some of them will not survive to see the Spring
In the woods of Duhallow never more for to sing
Where the harshest of Winter with each dawn draws near
December in Ireland is a cold time of year
Swollen by recent rains and the thaw of the snow
The Blackwater bank high through Duhallow does flow
Far south of Duhallow in the blue sky not a rain cloud in sight
And on a gum tree a magpie flutes in the sunlight.

Mind Games

The mind games that grown people with each other do play
I know too well of since i too am that way
With some people such games i play every day
That i am more flawed than most are i do feel loath to say
The people we know and know of may be many but the people we trust in the few
You may add to that tell us something that is new
Though in some of my ways i know that i am small
I am one who believes in a fair go for all
For the sins of one person some condemn a whole race
In my sort of thinking for such there's no place
And yet i play mind games of flaws i'm not free
One person that i can claim not to know well is me
But our flaws make us human of such i am aware
And the near to perfect people in the World are quite rare.

Friday, December 17, 2010

In His Home In Texas

In his home in Texas in the U S of A
Is George W Bush feeling happy today
Or do he think of the people of Iraq far away?
For his idea of enduring freedom in suffering and death they do pay

As U S President he did not seem to understand
That respect is a thing one must earn and cannot command
Him and his allies humbled Saddam's army and shattered Iraqi pride
And hundreds of thousands of people because of them died

To think that he could win the hearts and minds of Iraq
Just goes to show that George W on insight does lack
For the U S he has made far less friends than foes
But in life you win some to lose some one has to suppose

As he sits with his wealthy friends and his family and enjoys his high tea
Does he once in silence reflect on the misery?
And the senseless killings in Iraqi Cities that his war there did instigate
Even an unspoken sense of remorse if he is capable of feeling such for him never too late

What goes around comes around i believe to be true
And George W will receive the Karma that he is due
Do not expect good things in life if mercy to others you do not show
It should go without saying that we reap what we sow

George W Bush a former U S President one not knowledgeable or wise
Will never be honoured with any peace prize
Because of him and his allies in Iraq people dying every day
And that is such a sad thing for to have to say.

Brave Dave

A courageous fellow is brave Dave he battles his ghosts of despair
But through it all he does keep smiling you never hear him say life is unfair
A paraplegic due to a motoring accident in his early twenties he spends his days in a wheelchair
One you never do hear complaining though his life cross is heavy to bear
In a special needs home for the past ten months he has lived in since his mum died at a young age last year
Her passing left him heavy hearted though her spirit to him still lives near
She was such a wonderful mother in her the best friend out of his life has gone
Though he has put his grieving behind him and without her he is living on
To know he will never walk from his wheelchair to accept must be such a hard thing
Yet he always seems to be happy and his laughter to it has a joyful ring
Contented despite his misfortunes he does make the most of his life
Though he never will father children or he never will have a wife
Here is a person worth admiring though he does not see himself as brave
You will never hear him complaining the happy go lucky bloke Dave.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Tribute Of Sorts To John Brumby

I remember when John Brumby was State Opposition Leader in the media and newspapers every day
Of Jeff Kennett and his Government Projects he did not have a good word to say
But when he became Premier of Victoria he too did things in his own way
For his refusal to enter into dialogue with those who protested his Projects a loss of power was his price for to pay

What the voters did to Jeff Kennett they did to John Brumby as well
They wielded their power swords in a big way but on their own swords they eventually fell
Most politicians do have things in common their own praises they love to sing
And they love power and all that goes with it the glory that such to them does bring

Brumby like Kennett no twenty first century Mandela one can hardly claim John to be great
Like most he craved power in a big way though his own downfall he did create
Political power it can be so addictive even more so than some seem to realize
But everything in life is temporary and one has to fall for another to rise

A tribute of sorts to John Brumby though hardly a resounding hooray
When he was Victoria's State Opposition Leader tough politics he used to play
We can become what we dislike in others does this seem a fair thing to say?
Though it will not be poor, homeless and hungry that he will live his last night and day.

Above The Old Rushy Fields

Above the old rushy fields near the Town of Millstreet
Where the Cails from Kippagh and the Finnow does meet
Feeling too cold and hungry and Spring far away
The little brown lark is not singing today
The overnight frost has left the countryside gray
And in the nearby farm-shed the cattle are bellowing for silage or hay
On the bare trees and hedges the migrant redwings call
They have been in Duhallow since the late Fall
Eight sleeps before Christmas a cold wet time of year
And each dawn to the harshest of Winter draws near
At least fourteen weeks till the warmer days of Spring
To April till the nesting songbirds will sing
The cattle in the old fields again will be seen
And Nature in Duhallow will be spreading her green.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sun Out And Shining

The sun out and shining it is such a nice day
The birds chirp and sing in the park by the bay
The distinctive flute of the magpie melodious and clear
And the roar of the surf waves in the distance i hear

Of the beauty around me a poet would write
A poem for others to enjoy and read and recite
The familiar call of the black and white pee wee
Is carrying in the breeze through the park by the sea

My worth as a rhymer i have reason to doubt
But in Nature there is so much to write about
Brown butterflies dance above every bush and tree
The beauty of Nature is all around me

Her secrets are many but her pleasures not few
And every day from her we learn something new
The beauty she creates is for all to admire
And of singing her praises one never could tire

On a nice Summer's day close to twenty degrees
The sun out and shining and warmth in the breeze
That gently blows from the ocean across the town park
And carry with it the song of magpie lark.

Many Too Many

Inequality is surely humanity's downfall
Some people are lucky they do have it all
Whilst poverty nowadays resides everywhere
In varying degrees in the big World out there
In the refugee camps of the World millions of refugees
The victims of famines and wars and disease
In the slums of big cities the destitute you'll meet
The homeless and hungry of Poverty Street
Their right to a fair go of them society does deny
Life choices to them are words that do not apply
Even in so called wealthy Nations hidden poverty is rife
Some are born to live an unfortunate life
Do not tell me about it i know all too well
That many too many live in Earthly Hell.

Crooks In Disguise

The praises of big government the gullible may sing
But in the Land of the Blind the one eyed man is King
A saying from a wise old sage in days of yore
And one that you may well have heard of before
Far too many democratically elected governments in the World of today
Are not known for to behave in a democratic way
Their documents of guilt from the public they do hide
Since they have the power of veto on their side
Anyone seen as a threat to them they brand as a foe
Corruption in high places is at an all time low
Honourable in name only that does seem sad to say
Respect to such people only fools would pay
They cling on to power by their deceit and lies
And they lack in credibility these crooks in disguise.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not Alone To Me

Another Spring has come and gone time does not tick on slow
And the more that i do learn from life the more i've come to know
That i've learned very little in my sixty four year life span
As success in the human terms go i'm not a successful man
Time does not wait for anyone the Seasons come and go
And i can say with some truth i am my own greatest foe
In a Human World where self promotion does seem to be the in thing
My own praises is something that i never wish to sing
Self praise is no praise a wise old saying that i hold to be true
I believe what i receive from life happens to be my due
Some tell me i do look at life in a negative way
That we condemn ourselves to failure when negative things of self we do say
We create our own reality that's how it seems to be
And that applies to everyone and not alone to me.

Out There It Is Warm

Out there it is warm quite warm today
Out of the sunshine the black cattle lay
Chewing their cuds in the shade of the trees
On a forecast high of over thirty degrees
The dark welcome swallows above the park fly
And multicoloured butterflies dance in the blue Summer sky
Mid December in the coast lands with Christmas quite near
In weatherwise a changeable time of year
On what Nature brings us we do not have a say
A high of twenty with thundery showers yesterday
But suppose one reason why the weather does act so strange
Is that we are living in a time of Climate Change
The park and nearby paddock resplendent in wildering flowers
A gift from Mother Nature in her recent showers.

The Young Women Of My Young Years

The young women of my young years do they combat time's decay
In anti ageing creams and hair dyes do they hide their wrinkles and gray
Or do some of them age gracefully in a dignified way?
Though anyway i may not recognize them if i met with them today
For the years can alter appearance of the body and the face
Time leaves it's mark on all of us that has always been the case
The young women of my younger years were quite lovely to behold
But time as we are well aware does leave the prettiest looking old
Many of the young women of my younger years in the home Parish did not stay
It does seem true that destiny in our lives has a say
They went to live in Countries such as Australia, Britain and the U S A
For adventure and a new life and jobs with better pay
Perhaps many of them now are grand-mothers time for anyone does not stand still
And today they may be strangers in the old Town by Clara Hill.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Julian Assange

Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder is a brave fellow indeed
He has taken on big governments more of his kind we do need
Uncovered and published their secret documents exposed them for what they are
Those who dismiss him as a traitor or a terrorist carry their grudges too far
In custody in England awaiting deportation to Sweden in what seems a trumped up sex case
But with some confidence of acquittal his accusers he will face
Julian the unlikely hero is surely an Aussie great
Here is a person worth admiring a name we ought to celebrate
For bringing out into the open something we suspected all along
Why are his accusers so angry with him if they feel they have done no wrong
If they feel that in their leaked documents they had no guilt to hide?
Nothing worse for a powerbroker than a wounded sense of pride
There are many in high places who do wish brave Julian dead
For our hero from Australia danger for him lay ahead.

Far South Of Old Duhallow

Far south of old Duhallow and my first home by Millstreet Town
Many roadways of Victoria i have travelled up and down
I have seen and heard the white browed babblers sing on the small scrubland trees
And i've seen huge swarms of locusts flying in the Summer breeze

To the farmers the flying grasshopper like insects come at a huge financial cost
Due to them in their travels of destruction much of the year's grain and root crops lost
Despite costly schemes to eradicate them the swarms seem to multiply
When they have eaten bare one district to the next one they do fly

I have done a little travelling far south of Hibernia's Shore
Seen some of the big World out there though others of it have seen more
I have seen the gray fog shroud the high wood where the mountain ash grow tall
Where the currawongs are singing as the storm rains do fall

I have been to the brown outback where the paddocks are never green
Though much more of this great Southern Land many can claim to have seen
The home to kookaburra , wombat, koala and roo
Of echidna, rosella, lory, emu, dingo and cockatoo

In the bare fields of Duhallow the harsh winds of December blow
And Finnow to the Blackwater bank high in brown flood waters flow
As i watch the plagues of locusts swarming in the sunny southern sky
They have left the farmers poorer as to new pastures they do fly.

I've Been Praised And Lampooned

I've been praised and lampooned and my best days long gone
But i was born to be a rhymer and i will rhyme on
Until the Reaper of lives claims the life's breath from me
Sometime in the future whenever that will be

Since i've penned my first lines back in seventy three
The rhymes they have never stopped coming to me
More than nine thousand one hundred i can claim to my name
But such not even a ticket to a minor fame

I've been advised by some to give rhyming away
That on my literary ambitions i should call it a day
On what is my business some like to have a say
Though any heed to their advice i never do pay

Though what i pen few bother to read or recite
It is only for enjoyment i ever do write
And if i said i'd quit rhyming i'd be telling a lie
As i hope to keep writing till the day that i die.

To Those Who Do Not Respect You

To those who do not respect you respect why should you pay
Since respect is not one sided or not meant to be this way
It is not a genuine respect the respect born out of fear
Though of fear imposed on others by those in positions of power we do read of and we hear
Respect through fear is not respect self preservation little more
What i say here by others has been said so many times before
Respect it is a mutual thing it cannot be otherwise
As respect in any other guise to dislike and mistrust gives rise
That respect begins with respect of self to everyone does apply
How this should be no need to ask as you should know the reason why
Some people find their pleasure on verbally putting others down
Yet they never do become the most popular in the town
But if they are open to insight they yet will come to know
That in life we do receive the fruits of the seeds we do sow.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Those Born To Altruism

Those born to altruism in any way not small
The gifts of love, kindness and compassion are the greatest gifts of all
To help those in need of helping they go out of their way
They are the unsung heroes of the Human World of today
They never make the news headlines nor they never seek publicity
They were born not to seek self glory but to serve humanity
You will find them in refugee camps helping those of help in need
Humble in their great achievements they are great people indeed
Their type are in minority them you will only meet
Helping the poor and homeless of the suburb's Poverty Street
If everyone were like them there would not be poverty
We would not have wars and homeless people and even one refugee
For their acts of love and kindness greater credit they are due
People like them special people and to the higher self are true.

If Like Him

If like him i were celebrated perhaps i too would feel vain
The facade of down to earthness i hardly would retain
The human mind is vulnerable to arrogance from the limelight
'Tis hard for to remain humble from your celebrated height
'Tis hard for to be humble when you drive in a big car
When other people tell you of how wonderful you are
The famous who are humble to say the least are few
To that you may even add tell us something that is new
And yet i do not envy the one with the celebrated name
For it is true the price is high to pay for money, success and fame
Your personal life invaded by the media you lose your privacy
That is what happens to the celebrities they become public property
And the one many have elevated to greatness some do try to drag down
Your life becomes public property that is your price for renown.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Sixty Fourth Spring

My sixty fourth Spring of life it has come and has gone
And i'm happy quite happy to be living on
When so many friends and acquaintances have passed away
I feel grateful to wake to see every new day
The warm Summer wind in the gums stir the leaves
And young sparrows in their nest chirp under the house eaves
The joy that i feel in words i cannot say
Just for to be living on such a nice day
Nature's flowers in the parkland quite a beautiful sight
And white butterflies dancing in the warm sunlight
A poet of such beauty a great poem would write
For lovers of poetry to enjoy and read and recite
For my best years of life i must go to the past
And my enemy time it keeps ticking on fast.

Nature In Her Unpredictability

Nature in her unpredictability remains true to form
In these times of long periods of drought and fire, flooding and storm
And add to that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and lightning strikes as well
With food shortages and famines to make life for millions an Earthly Hell
Those who claim that people rule the World have got it all wrong
That title to Nature and to her only does belong
No human force to combat the power of Nature despite what some might say
She is still the World's only super power and will always remain that way
Despite the advancement of human technology as a force she is still the World's number one
No battle against her could ever be won
When angry to millions she does cause heartbreak
And she leaves grief and destruction and death in her wake
Yet humanity than her does not have a greater friend
As for our survival on her we do depend.

We All Know Where

We all know where the life's journey for us began
And the place where we grew into a woman or man
And though some will tell you of the future they do know
In their self assumptions their arrogance show
It is said that from living life insights we do gain
And past good and bad memories with us will remain
Till the Reaper claims the life from us whenever that will be
The journey through life must end for you and me
And the monarch and the president and the pauper and all
To the scythe of the reaper eventually do fall
The Seasons pass quickly on looking to the past
We come to realize that time has ticked on fast
And the facts remain with us and facts never lie
That like all other life forms we are born to die.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We Envy Them What We Think

We envy them what we think is their freedom of the sky
But like most of us to most of them borders too do apply
They dare not venture into another of their species territory
Most birds restricted by the limits of their borders or so 'twould seem to be
Einstein so right in his theory that all life forms to each other relate
All things in Nature have in them the power to re-create
Us humans too are of Nature why otherwise pretend
Our life journey like all journeys will come to an end
The lark for to sing up to the clouds does fly
The natural instincts born in him he cannot deny
Nature did not intend him to sing on bush or on tree
We only are what Nature meant us to be
Like all other life forms we are part of Nature it does seem to me
Though with that sort of thinking many would disagree.

The Power Brokers Promote

The power brokers promote their own agendas this is what power to them is all about
That their ideas are all that does matter they never does leave us in doubt
Those with a different view to them they classify as the enemy
Not what you would call democratic seems quite autocratic to me
Their own ideas are all that matter or so it does appear that way
On the things that matter most to them they do like for to have their say
They seem to crave power over others obsession with power is their mental disease
Narcissistic in their ways and in their thinking and enamoured in their own ideas
Anyone who disagrees with them branded as a bad person call that a sense of power gone all wrong
But sad to think that to those sort of people the most of the power does belong
A fault in the alfa power brokers democracy trying to suppress
Always trying to remove from others the should be right of their thoughts to express
Dictators and would be dictators in their ways they are very small
They believe on a fair go for all who think like them but not on a fair go for all.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where Is Denis Napthine Today

The streets of Koroit under water for Climate Change such a price we must pay
The Council Workers out with their brushes where is Denis Napthine today
A few weeks back in the Town canvassing votes but in Koroit in it's hour of need
One wonders what has happened to Denis insconspicuous by his absence indeed

Where is Denis Napthine when we need him he never seems to be around
Just like the fox when he sense trouble he seems quick for to go to ground
A few weeks back he was re-elected to his Victorian Lower House safe seat
But where is he when we most need him the question again i repeat

Where is Denis Napthine when we need him politicians of all shades the same
With them it's me, myself and i and my big salary though for that one them can hardly blame
And for the blocked drains of Koroit why blame Denis since the voters did vote him in
Good luck to the Minister in his safe seat some people are born to win

The streets of Koroit under water from a prolonged heavy shower of thunder rain
But things could be worse very much worse suppose one ought not to complain
Koroit it is now clear of water and in the old Town all does seem okay
But where is the hero to many our State M P Denis Napthine today?

Ugi Is A Border Collie

To Genevieve and Graeme he is a devoted friend
He will love them and admire them till his life come to an end
All he asks for his undying devotion is to be fed once a day
For a lifetime of companionship not a big price for to pay
Ugi is a border collie six going on seven years old
A lovely black and white dog quite a beauty to behold
When they come home from work each evening he is waiting by the gate
His hairy black tail wagging as if to say how are you mate
Big and sturdy for a border collie but not vicious in any way
A trusting and devoted companion true to type as one might say
Dogs in a whole more trustworthy than people why otherwise pretend
Ugi his masters Genevieve and Graeme with his life he would defend
Ugi is a border collie true to type and true to breed
To his Masters ever faithful for a few pats and his daily feed.

In December In Millstreet

The gray fogs of the high ground have shrouded Clara Hill
And in the fields of Duhallow the Winter winds blow chill
And the rushy lands are flooded where the Cails and Finnow meet
Not a time of year for birdsong in December in Millstreet
In the farmyard sheds the cattle bellow for silage or hay
It is cold by Clara Mountain minus five degrees today
Hungry redwings from the Northlands chirping on the bare hedgerow
On a bleak morning in Duhallow that is cold enough to snow
Many a cold and wet day, night, morning and evening until the first breath of Spring
Till on bushes, leafy groves and trees the nesting birds will sing
Winter by the Boggeragh Mountains is a hungry time of year
When the trees and hedgerows are bare birdsong a thing you will not hear
But the swallows will return to Duhallow in the Spring
And the trees will grow their new leaves and the nesting birds will sing.

In December In MillstreetThe gray fogs of the high ground have shrouded Clara Hill

Monday, December 6, 2010

In The Warmth Of Early Summer

In the warmth of early Summer quite melodious and clear
The blackbird is singing to tell rain is near
If not tonight or tomorrow then later today
Nature's creatures are telling us rain's on the way
The weather is warm and humid close to thirty degrees
And so very calm only the faintest breeze
And a golden billed blackbird on a sunlit wattle tree
Is singing of rain in the park by the sea
The blackbird a renowned Nature's minstrel of the Spring
But when he sings in the heat of the Summer that's a different thing
In the warm Summer air he must sense the thunder rain
From listening to Nature such insights we do gain
The blackbird this morning has rain in his song
And when it comes to the weather he is never wrong.

To The Flaws We Possess

To the flaws we possess most of us totally blind
That i ought to know for i'm one of that kind
What i dislike in others i do dislike in me
My own human frailties i never do see
Many blind to their own faults i too am that way
Suppose we are what we are as some are known to say
A slightly deflated ego can be a good thing
A little humility such with it does bring
To those to arrogance who are inclined
Our own sense of self importance is all in the mind
And yet those glorified by the masses no different to you or to i
Since they too are mortals and like us born to die
What i dislike in others i dislike in me
That is how it is and it always will be.

We All Can Be Potentially Addictive

We all can be potentially addictive would you not agree
At least anyway that's how it seems to me
So many forms of addictions so many one could name
And though many seem similar no two quite the same
Addicted to rhyming i pen doggerel
There are many like me though on that i won't dwell
Lucky are they who do not have an addiction they have strength of mind
I do envy them and all of their kind
As for me i do not have the strength to give rhyming away
Suppose we are what we are as some like to say
Addictions come in many forms i am a rhyme buff
For many years now i have beeen penning stuff
Old age is approaching my best days long gone
But for as long as i can i will keep penning on.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jerry Forde

In the quiet of St Mary's his remains at rest forever from his first homeplace less than three miles away
He would not have been many years with sixty that is not old in the Human World of today
In an age when many live into their eighties most of those in their early sixties are not expecting for to die
But that the lives of the young and the old are at the whim of the Reaper is a fact of life and facts do never lie

Jerry was the youngest and the last of the Fordes for to live in Direen on the Clara road going out of Millstreet Town
I knew him as a boy and in his prime years as a handsome chap his hair was darkish brown
A quietly spoken man he liked his guinness he could drink with the best of them all night
Yet he was the same Jerry drunk or sober i never once did see him in a fight

In time like many he took leave of Millstreet for to see some of the bigger World out there
It is said about the people of Duhallow that one from there one could meet anywhere
He left the old home within view of Clara none of his kindred in Direen today
But he had great nostalgia for the Hometown and now in View of Cashman's Hill his bones do lay.

He did not live to be a very old man in human terms sixty years not a long span
The last of the Fordes for to be born in Direen the Fordes of Millstreet are a well known clan
One can only hope the end for him was painless so many known to die in agony
He will be missed by most of those who did know of him and sadly missed by his friends and family.

The Echidna

The echidnas or spiny anteaters for ants are always searching and digging with their sharp claws into the ground
And if a dog or a person approach them they dig themselves in and curl themselves into a ball spiny and round
A prick from their pointy spines could cause some damage it is their only weapon of defence
Most dogs do bark at them but dare not bite them except for the dogs who lack in common sense
The echidnas one might say are inoffensive since ants and tiny ground living things are all that they do eat
What most creatures do ignore as obnoxious to their taste buds is a delicious treat
Their weak beak like mouth is not a defensive weapon but because of their sharp spines most predators from them keep away
In my many walks from time to time i see them though i do not meet with them every day
They are slow moving awkard looking creatures to say the least their fastest pace is slow
But i am one who think they are amazing and my wonder of them only seem to grow
One of the oddest looking creatures one see in Australia they are a freak of Nature one might say
But like every life form that does live in Nature they have their environmental role to play
Some call them spiny anteaters others call them short beak echidnas though they are the very same by either name
But to be different from all other creatures perhaps is their enduring claim to fame.

We Live In An Age

We live in an age when boasting is acceptable and self praise is a thing that is seen as okay
Though i am one who cannot admire braggarts respect to them i never wish to pay
Leave it to others for to sing your praises that's how it is and that's how it should be
You are boasting when you tell others of how great you are at least anyway that's how it seems to me
Arrogance and boasting are closely related they seem to go together rather well
The boasters glorify self above all others of their achievements they are too willing to tell
To anyone prepared to listen to them bragging self promotion seems the in thing of the time
But then suppose for to solicit admirers can never be looked upon as a crime
Scarce a day goes by that i do not meet a braggart out of sheer politeness i listen to them brag
They make sure that you hear of their achievements not shy to wave their self promotion flag
One might say their egos over-inflated their favourite people me, myself and i
They like to place themselves on a pedestal that self praise is no praise most definitely not a lie
Yet we live in an age when boasting is acceptable and some do promote themselves in a big way
Without being asked to they will sing to you their praises there are many like them in the World today.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

He Is Not A Sports Fan

He is not a sports fan or a pub frequenting type
And it is not tobacco he smokes in his pipe
But stuff that slows the reactions down to a snail's speed
That often goes by the nom de plume of wizzy weed
He does not seem to have worries for to worry about
Though the stuff known as wizzy weed he cannot live without
The relaxing dried leaves he smokes every day
Over relaxed and not quite with it he does seem that way
Without contact with his school going son and daughter and his estranged wife
They went elsewhere to live for to start a new life
But that does not bother him such is life he say
And it will not be to worrying his hair will turn gray
Many end up in jail for smoking wizzy weed
But to avoid the law thus far he does succeed.

Of My Life To Date

Of my life to date i cannot boast of achievements and great stories of adventure i do not have to tell
But years ago when i was younger and fitter i often drunk the waters of Tubid's Holy Well
The spring water that from the ground keeps bubbling and into the waters of the nearby Finnow flow
In the damp fields beside the babbling river the rushes who thrive in such places do grow

To religious people Tubrid an attraction at all times of year they do come there to pray
Especially in the blossoming month of Mary in the prime of the Spring in beautiful May
At least three quarters of a mile at the most from the old Town Of Millstreet
In Claraghatlea near where the the waters of the Cails and the Finnow do meet

It is said that in Tubrid water for many ailments there is a cure
As it is completely free of pollution and for to drink is quite pure
Surfacing in clear bubbles a sight of rare beauty for to behold
The legend of Tubrid in Millstreet in Duhallow is one that is old.

Above Matty Owen's bog on a calm evening in the late Spring
The familiar song of a skylark one of Nature's minstrels on the wing
Near the Well of Tubrid where the faithful do their rounds and pray
From this far Southern Land thousands of sky miles away.

Something That's Beyond Me To Explain

The wealthiest person in the town not happy he talks as if he were in poverty
In much wants more there is some truth it does seem with such a saying i am one who agree
Some people they are happy to make ends meet they do it tough but never do complain
And why some with heaps of money are unhappy is something that's beyond me to explain
If i did not know how wealthy he is for him i'd feel sorry though in some ways he is poor as poor can be
Those who say that poverty can be quite relative know what they are on about 'twould seem to me
Of that the wealthiest person in the town a good example the aspirational his praises may sing
But despite his wealth he remains as unhappy which goes to show money is not everything
Those who are unhappy in their own way are quite poor some refer to it as poverty of the mind
Lucky are they who in their lives are contented since there are many of the unhappy kind
Money buys them women, big cars and things material but money never buys them happiness
Though money speaks the words of every language and money most people is known to impress
The wealthiest person in the town it is said though not the happiest person for to meet
You'd swear to hear him that he is a pauper a homeless fellow of Poverty Street.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Multicultural Place

Where ancient Clara Mountain does look down
On the green countryside by Millstreet Town
A lot of things have changed since i've lived there
Though such it would seem occuring everywhere
What was a Parish of a single race
Has now become a multicultural place
But such changes for the better one must say
And life goes on it has always been this way
Many of those i knew there now showing their years in gray
To most in Millstreet i'd be a stranger today
To my old home Parish the people like Nature's Seasons come and go
Time eventually to everyone becomes a foe
And though the past has gone the memories of it remain
And in fancy i walk in the old fields again.

Only The Memories

The old fields were in their wildflowers of the May
And in the leafy groves the birds sang all the day
And the dipper did sing in the silver tongued rill
That babbled to the river down the fields by the hill
Of such pleasant scenes the memories do remain
And in my flights of fancy i visit again
Where i grew to love Nature when i was a boy
And learning of her ways i still do enjoy
The countryside green after the recent showers
And the hawthorns were cloaked in their fragile white flowers
Of such splendid beauty a poet would write
A poem for others to enjoy and read and recite
But few things in life ever known for to last
And only the memories remain of the past.

A Very Worthwhile Project

Fair dues to the year nine students and their teachers at Gilson College
The hooded plovers breeding territory they have fenced around
As the little shorebirds are known to be endangered
In large numbers they are not known to abound

Their project it is one well worth applauding
A part of the foreshore at Killarney Beach they've marked out
With signs to tell of the plovers breeding territory
Their's is a worthwhile project without doubt

The hooded plovers an endangered species
And young people interested on their welfare good to see
Every year their numbers dwindling in Killarney
Quite close to extinction those in the know agree

The thought of it does not even seem pleasant
To think that hooded plovers small birds of the ocean shore
In five or six decades from now may not be seen in Killarney
Extinction as we do know is forever more

The year nine students of Gilson College
As well as their teachers great credit are due
For being fully aware of the plight of the hooded plovers
I only say of them what i do know to be true.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Wrong One For Advice

On me you are asking the wrong one for advice on the furthering of your literary career
Since i am one who writes just as a hobby as i already to you have made clear
And since you will not send what you write to be published on any free internet site
Perhaps you should send your manuscript to a publisher who may advise you or even publish what you did write
As you do know i am not a literary critic though the potential in your work not hard to see
In any case on what is good or not good writing those who claim to know do not always agree
The poet Robert Browning of this is a great example to publish his first book of poems he had to pay
In his lifetime he became a literary icon and his legend it is living on today
Why ask me one who writes for self enjoyment of good or bad writing i would hardly know
But since you've asked me for my frank opinion some promise as a writer you do show
Some of the critics out there may well criticize you and tell you as a writer you may never make the grade
The writer's life is not meant to be easy few know of success in the wordsmith trade
I hope you become a successful writer and i wish you wealth and happiness and fame
But if you do not send your manuscript to a publisher for yourself you will never make a name.

Even Those Who Do Not Like Me

Even those who do not like me or i do not like i do wish them well
Since on any ill feeling towards others i am not one to dwell
Life is too short for grudges let bygones be gone
The now is all that matters and time does tick on
As some like to say and it well may be true
We receive from life what is only our due
If you wrong somebody in any sort of way
To karma there will be some price for to pay
At least anyway that's how it seems to me
Though with my thinking on it many may disagree
I do not have a right to be anybody's judge
And against anybody i do not hold a grudge
On live and let live i am one who believe
And the Karma we sow for ourselves we receive.

He Talks Of Old Fields

He talks of old fields and woodlands far away
In Nova Scotia where he first looked on the light of day
The Winters were cold there the ice and the snow
But greenery returned when warmer winds of Spring did blow
Inland from the ocean and birds on bush and tree
Were singing and nest building and how lovely to see
The old fields resplendent in their wildflowers of the Spring
The creative powers of Nature an amazing thing
With Aussie children and grandchildren and an Aussie wife
Forty eight years in Australia he has spent of his life
He may never see Nova Scotia again
But nostalgia in him for the old Homeland does remain
Next June he will be seventy his best years long gone
And the clock on his life ever keeps ticking on.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November In Cullen

In Cullen in Duhallow where the Araglen waters flow
The cold winds of November across the old fields blow
Upon a naked beech tree a silver back hooded crow
Familiar in his harsh cawing on a day threatening to snow
Old Araglen bank high babbling through fields as old as time
That often inspired the long dead bards to story, song and rhyme
Learning about Nature as a youngster i used to enjoy
In my uncle Dan and aunt Mary's farm in Summer in Lisnaboy
Often in my visualizations the sweet scent of new mown hay
Coming from the sunlit meadows on a warm and sunny day
And dark winged barn swallows above the old fields fly
In the prime of the Summer in beautiful July
But in Cullen in Duhallow 'tis cold and damp today
Near the calendar Winter and Spring seems far away.

A Motley Lot

Us humans are a motley lot why otherwise pretend
A dog can be a man or a woman's best friend
Whilst some prefer the friendship of a horse or a sheep or a cat
Our trusted friendships seem varied quite varied at that
Even some human to human friendships over time do not last
And 'tis with bitterness we recall some of our ex friends of the past
Our friendship and love based on trust and conditions and it would seem to me
That the love and devotion of our pets to us of any conditions free
By our own sense of values till the day we die we live
And we only do receive from life what to life we do give
Your pet's love is unconditional devoted to you till the end
Till death he or she does remain to you an ever faithful friend
Without any conditions on their love for you until the day they do die
It is a fact i speak of here and facts do never lie.

Port Fairy In Late Spring

Young surfers ride the white waves of Port Fairy on a sunny though cool and windy day in late Spring
One sees them surfing in all sorts of weather the gift of youth it is a marvelous thing
Above the ocean din i hear a blackbird fluting his notes on foreshore tree nearby
At times the sun from view does become obscured as rain clouds gather in the evening sky
On late Spring Victoria is known to many as the State of four Seasons in one day
A spell of sunshine and then the sky clouds over which makes one sense that rain is on the way
A healthy part of the World for to live in where the weather never gets too wet and cold
In a Land of the most amazing flora and fauna where there is so much beauty to behold
The sooty oystercatchers softly piping low above the waves near the beach as they do fly
And the large black back gulls and the silver gulls distinctive in their appearance and their cry
Save for the surfers the beach on cool days mostly belong to Nature the winds blow on your face the ocean spray
Port Fairy is a nice place in any weather but at it's finest on a sunny day
And despite the spasmodic sunshine today is not the finest the gathering clouds tell rain to us is near
And above the the rumblings of the mighty surf waves a blackbird on a nearby tree i hear.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Con Murphy Was A Man From Ballydaly

Con Murphy was a man from Ballydaly he lived about four miles from Millstreet Town
The first Irish person executed for possessing arms by the then Government of the British Crown
By all accounts a brave and decent person his life was cruelly cut short in his prime
But his merciless judges gave to Ireland one more hero whose legend lives on through the years of time

I knew old men who remembered Con Murphy they described him as a brave and mighty man
He loved his Country Ireland with a passion and wished to rid it of the Black and Tan
The British Government abused their rule in Ireland one might say in the worst possible way
But at least they gave us heroes like Con Murphy whose legend is alive and well today

Murphy's Terrace in Millstreet Town named in the honour of one quite worthy of enduring fame
The death penalty in any case barbaric in any Nation quite a thing of shame
His murderers robbed him of his right to father children and robbed him of his chance to take a wife
And they robbed him of the greatest gift that he had when they took away from him his gift of life

The British Empire now a fading memory Empires rise and fall it has always been this way
But the lessons of war never have been learned as more wars are fought around the World today
And war robs every nation of it's young and bravest and in wars around the World far too many have died
But young men who die in the manner of Con Murphy are destined to become heroes Nation-wide.

Some People Worry About

Some people worry about little problems and worrying makes them prematurely gray
Suppose that they were born to be worriers since what we are we are meant to be that way
Such people are not rare or never will be i meet one or two of them every day
They feel that the whole World is against them we are what we think we are seems true to say
Above the clouds of gloom that does surround them they never even seem to try to rise
That millions of people are far worse off than they are is something they do not seem to realize
'Tis said we are as poor as we believe that we are with such an assumption i for one agree
Some who are financially secure can be poor in their thinking at least that is how it does seem to me
Some people who are poor are not homeless and hungry since poverty with them is a state of mind
They are lost on their life journey of self pity the road to happiness they cannot find
I enjoy meeting seemingly carefree people of their small worries me they never tell
If they have worries they never mention they have they always seem happy and fit and well,
They like to tell you of their little problems their way perhaps of seeking sympathy
Financially secure yet they do not feel that way and in their minds they are in poverty.

Though We All Look At life

Though we all look at life in a different way
Respect to the opinions of others we ought for to pay
Provided their opinions are not judgemental or racist or meant to offend
Though none of us far from perfect of that why pretend
'Tis something i do struggle to understand
That the most opinionated of people the most power do command
In awe of their arrogance we seem to live
And some of our personal power to them give
In the twenty first century most of the so called successful for their arrogance are known
From the seeds of conceit material success readily grown
The humble quiet achievers as quiet achievers do stay
They never grow wealthy and famous only grow old and gray
The Human World spiritually does seem a poor World indeed
Where the humblest are those never known to succeed.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tadgh De Brun

Tadgh De Brun is a renowned singer of old ballads a link to Duhallow's cultural and historical past
His type of person invaluable to Ireland in a Land where change does keep occuring fast
He sings the old songs with great pride and passion his contribution to culture we ought not to under-rate
Here is a person who is worth admiring and his is a name that we ought to celebrate

People like Tadgh make a case for re-incarnation he may have lived in another time
As a singer, musician or a dancer, a storyteller or a man of rhyme
In the age of crossroad entertainment his may have been a legendary name
A person who was born with a rare talent and destined for to live a life of fame

The Tadgh De Brun types nowadays rare in Ireland and the Country worse off for this it does seem
Such people deserve much more recognition and are worthy of a far greater esteem
In an age when celebrities every year are paid millions traditional singers and musicians struggle to get by
What does this have to say of us and our sense of values if our links to the past we do tend to deny?

A cultured person one of a rare talent the words of hundreds of old songs he know
The last great ballad singer of Duhallow where the swirling waters of the Allow flow
Through the old fields babbling on to the Blackwater on through Kanturk the North Cork Hometown
Of Tadgh De Brun the famous singer and bouzouki player who is known to some by his english name of Tim Browne.

Born Into The Wrong Circumstance

We were lucky for to be born since the gift of life comes to us by chance
But do spare a thought for the babies born into the wrong circumstance
The children of poor parents of the poor side of the town
From where they live 'tis surely a long hard road to renown
Born of disadvantaged parents where poverty seems a natural thing
Of the praises of a poor person you won't hear too many sing
Without money in your pockets you are not welcome anywhere
And there are millions of paupers in the bigger World out there
Disadvantaged by birth circumstance and by their postal address
Such things most would be employers never do seem to impress
The disappointment of rejection can lead to a life of crime
And like their parents before them destined to serve prison time
Our gift of life which came to us by chance for us a lucky day
Though millions of homeless people may not see it in this way.

I Am One Who Does Have A Rhyme Addiction

I am one who does have a rhyme addiction and I've written one might say a whole lot of rhyme
Without the reward of prestige, fame or money some do say my efforts seem a waste of time
I am not a poet just an average rhymer one who will never make the Rhymers Hall of Fame
As Neily Flynn of Millstreet Town did often remind me that penning verse can be a hungry belly game
To rhyme to me it does seem a compulsion i add to my large total every day
'Tis easy for to rhyme as most will tell you and i have for to agree with what they say
But i feel happy when my pen is rhyming for many years i have been a rhyme buff
Doesn't bother me that much my lack of readers and i'm always happy when i'm penning stuff
Of writers block i hear and read of often and though my worth as a writer i have reason for to doubt
I am one who is never short of subject matter there is always something for to write about
Of people and of places and of Nature the rhymes they seem to keep coming to me
Anyone can string a few verses together believe me 'tis as easy as can be
If i told you that i would give up rhyming then i would only be telling a lie
On penning stuff i do find self enjoyment and i hope to pen on till the day i die.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ageing In The Queensland Tropics

Ageing in the Queensland tropics a long way from old Koroit Town
Where he was born and grew into manhood and where he lived when his hair was brown
He talks of people he knew in Koroit, Kirkstall, Tower Hill and Killarney to his mates in the pub at Mackay
The man from South Western Victoria from where he now lives far away

His wife and children and grandchildren coastal Queenslanders and they love their tropical Town Where even the most sun shy person from the warm sun and wind is bronzed brown
Though he still talks of Koroit with great fondness in Mackay he will live his last day
It was his life's destiny to leave Victoria and destiny does have it's way.

Australia is such a big Country Mackay to Koroit in distance seems far
It can be a long tiring journey for those who like to travel by car
Since he was last in his southern Hometown near to two decades of years have gone by
Though the love of the first homeplace it does seem is quite a hard thing to deny.

His mates familiar with his often told stories of his nights in the Mickey Bourke and Commercial Hotel
Of his boyhood mentors and the people he grew up with since his memory does serve him well
On his seventy fifth year of living time has left him looking quite gray
In his home in Mackay in the tropics from Koroit in miles far away.

The Gift Of life The Greatest Gift

The gift of life the greatest gift we possess though short enough in time the human span
'Tis said that on average that seventy years is the life of a woman and even a few years less for a man
So make the most of what you have been given since everything in life it does not go to plan
Though 'tis true you cannot put an old head on young shoulders whilst the ageing surely lacking in elan
Some people they are prone to stress and worry though such things never get them anywhere
The people stressing from financial worries abundant in the bigger World out there
But worrying never does solve any problems it only causes inner health decay
'Tis said that stress does lead to heart attacks and cancer the price of worry a huge price to pay
One problem we create for ourselves leads to another that's how it is and that's how it will remain
The World economic depression may be getting to you but few wish to hear you when you do complain
Lucky the one though in financial trouble who can say there are far worse off than i
He or she will live for to see times for them better it will not be of a stress related illness they will die
The gift of life the greatest gift we possess so why not make the most of every day
And since worry leads to stress and to health problems why waste your time in worrying anyway.

No Person's Ground

It is a long drive from here to anywhere
Through the brown unfenced outback of the big country out there
Where the highway eventually becomes a dirt track
You need an all wheel drive to travel in the Outback
Through the big semi desert country of wombat and roo
Of emu, galah, echidna and white cockatoo
Where introduced feral creatures such as goat, pig, deer,donkey and camel and brumby abound
In a wild land referred to by some as 'no person's ground'
A four hour drive from here to the nearest small town
Through a sparsely treed flat landscape rugged looking and brown
Burnt from Summer sun of often forty degrees
With the heat of a furnace in the Outback breeze
Good luck on your journey hope your car doesn't break down
'Tis at least a four hour drive from here to the next town.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Tis Fairly Warm Out There

'Tis fairly warm out there some thirty five degrees
And warmth in the sunshine and warmth in the evening breeze
Blowing uphill from the ocean across the country town
Where traffic to and from the highway to the city the streets pass up and down
On the last week of November the Summer not far away
A sharp increase in temperature on the Spring's warmest day
'Tis even fairly warm in the shade of the trees
And the warm air full of the buzzings of flies and wasps and bees
In the town park green from the recent rains Nature's wildflowers abound
Though the warm thirsty winds of Summer suck the moisture from the ground
In five weeks from now or maybe less the town park may be turning brown
At least that usually does what happen when Summer comes to town
Only last week i do recall we did have heavy rain
So with this warm weather we ought not to complain.

Reduced To A Croak

The roar of the Celtic Tiger has been reduced to a croak
The Government of Ireland is financially broke
On a financial bail out from Europe they now must depend
The good times in Ireland have come to an end
I am one of many who has seen this before
Young people migrating from Hibernia's shore
Bad Governments of many National economies have become the downfall
And Ireland never had a good one of which i can recall
Amongst the people of Ireland widespread unhappiness
The economy of their Country has succumbed to financial stress
Unfinished homes due to mortgage foreclosure in city, town, village and the countryside
The hopes and dreams of many in this way destroyed
And though all does seem lost hopes glimmer does remain
That the ailing Celtic Tiger may yet roar again.

The Unhappy One

He reached the heady heights of fame, wealth and success the heady heights that few have ever known
But he would give it all for to be happy yes everything in life that he does own
And though he is one who is not short of admirers and those who aspire to big things he impress
Money has bought him friends with the well connected as well as women but it has failed for to bring him happiness
His three ex wives and his seven children all millionaires thanks to him but money happiness does not bring to his life
In his late sixties he knows if he so wished to that he could buy himself another wife
He only wishes now for to be happy and though many people his praises do sing
He cannot buy the one thing in his life missing and he realizes money is not everything
He is one of the wealthy and the famous but he is not one who can claim to have it all
He does not know what it's like to feel happy that does seem sad for one in his life's Fall
A man that many young people look up to the aspirational he does inspire
For to be as wealthy and successful as him most people do need someone to admire
He has made his children and his ex wives very wealthy and he lives at a fashionable address
But one important thing in his life missing and that is the nine letter word of happiness.

Friday, November 26, 2010

On Internet Scammers

In this age of advanced human technology there is a huge increase in fraudulent crime
On the World Wide Web deception is abundant for internet scammers a profitable time
They cheat the vulnerable out of their savings and leave them without a penny to their name
The people they cheat are not wealthy people yet their actions never seem to cause them shame
'Man's inhumanity to man does make millions mourn' whoever first said that was speaking the truth
Yet spiritually they are poor people those lacking in honesty and kindness and ruth
They are not twenty first century Robin Hoods these people in their ways are so low
To not well to do vulnerable people any sympathy they do not show
Far too many internet scammers people who see cheating as quite okay
With seemingly authentic internet scams to rob people of their savings they even go out of their way
And in many instances they are successful which is a sad thing for to have to say
Such people are not worthy of respect since respect to others they never do pay
In this the twenty first century internet crime it is on the rise
And most internet scammers in their scams are successful more so than most do seem to realize.

Too Many People

Too many people have died in war and war zones yet from the past we never learn it seems that way
In every war the winner seems a loser in loss of lives the price is huge to pay
'Thou Shalt Not Kill' is Moses Fifth Commandment though such the warlords happily disobey
Young men sacrifice their lives for ageing despots some never learn from the past sad to say
So many civilian casualties in war zones two wrongs 'tis said do never make a right
Those who wage wars mostly silly ageing so called leaders who do lack in common sense and on insight
They send their troops to war to fight and even die for them power hungry men who never do grow wiser only gray
The world would be a safer and a happier place to live in if such people never see the light of day
From two World Wars any lessons were not learned that some never learn so happen to be true
Those who start wars are far from decent people they will deserve the Karma they are due
Every battle fought gives rise to more war heroes and many need heroes to celebrate
And many young people daydream of dying in battle as they have their heroes for to emulate
The family members left to grieve their war dead their's for to bear is such a heavy cross
He may have died as a hero to many but to his family his death is a tragic loss.

Such A Beautiful Morning

It is such a beautiful morning blue sky, sunshine and a timid breeze
A low overnight of seventeen a high today of twenty five degrees
At least that is in the weather forecast and short term weather forecasts seldom get it wrong
The magpies fluting in the parkland they have such a beautiful song
The swallows above the town circling without any effort they do fly
To twist and turn to them comes so easy as they chase flying insects in the sky
How could one but only feel happy on such a warm and pleasant Spring day
The sparrows in the bushes chirping familiar in their noisy way
A poet of the beauty i now witness would surely feel inspired for to write
A poem of Nature in all of her splendour for readers to enjoy and recite
White butterflies flitting above the parkland and around the blossoming trees
Resplendent in the light of the sun's lamp the buzzings of flies and of bees
On a day to remember for a lifetime and a wonderful memory for to retain
And in moments of happy reflection such memories come to life again.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It Is Such A Beautiful Evening

It is such a beautiful evening the songbirds do whistle and sing
The parkland green and healthy looking does wear it's wildflowers of the Spring
The sun in the blue sky is shining with a pleasant warmth in the breeze
That gently blows through the town from the ocean and make the leaves dance on the trees
A poet would write of the beauty that i see around me today
As for me for the joy that i feel at the moment i do not have the words for to say
'Tis near to an Earthly Utopia in November in the southern town
On the quiet streets on this sunday evening few cars and trucks pass up and down
The sparrows chirp under the house eaves the magpie flutes his pleasant song
The musical notes of the blackbird to him and to his kind belong
Into the third week of November the Summer only ten days away
I hope this for me will not be my last Spring though the Reaper on that has the say
It is such a marvellous evening Nature's beauty is all around me
And out there on the sunlit parkland the familiar song of the pee wee.

The Millionaire's Daughter

She is loved and admired by her mum and her dad
Despite this the millionaire's daughter does often feel bad
About her appearance as she fights to keep the kilos down
She is not the prettiest girl in the town

Sometimes she does go on a weight reducing diet
Till to hunger pains she gives in to her big appetite
And the few kilos she has lost she puts back on again
Body appearance to most women gives rise to mental pain.

With a good career job and a huge take home pay
Financially for herself she is doing quite okay
But she is not happy despite all of this
Despite money's advantages it cannot buy happiness

In the prime of her life she has just turned twenty three
But in her mirror she never does like what she see
The only child of wealthy parents with a career of her own
But due to weight problems unhappiness she has only known

Of the praises of money you hear people sing
And though money is quite important it cannot buy everything
With that the millionaire's daughter would surely agree
Everytime she looks in her mirror she does not like what she see.

Happiness From Once Lost

He is not the person that he used to be
And a darker World out there is all he can see
Though the sun it is shining with a gentle breeze
On a pleasant Spring day close to twenty degrees
He used to love Nature before becoming mentally unwell
For people like poor John life can be Earthly Hell
The music of the blackbird floats into his room
But all he can sense is a deep sense of gloom
A batchelor in his mid forties in his brown hair gray
The things that brought him happiness does not today
He used to love Nature but not anymore
Dejection the shield against happiness he felt before
Mental illness invaded and clouded his mind
Happiness from once lost never again easy to find.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Great Hero Of Mushera

He was the great hero of Mushera the All Ireland two mile hurdle champion of nineteen hundred and ten
I knew him when i was a youngster he was showing the wear of time then
He did not have to boast of his achievements his great record did say it all
When Duhallow old timers talked of famous athletes Paddy Keeffe's name was one they did recall

In two mile hurdles in his prime in Ireland he was the number one athlete
But he never went to the Olympics Ireland then as a team did not compete
He was then the best athlete in the Country as a mountain hare quite as fleet
And he was more than the pride of his Townland in the high country above Millstreet

Before Duhallow's dual Olympic Gold Medallist Pat O Callaghan was born Paddy Keeffe was in his glorious prime
In the early years of the twentieth century and that is going way back in time
Of those who saw him compete in his best years perhaps none is living today
Time it does take care of the greatest and it never stops ticking away

As a young athlete never found to be wanting he proved himself when put to the test
An All Ireland two mile hurdle champion he remains as Mushera's best
I knew him when i was a youngster his hair it was as white as snow
He must have been quite close to eighty the years had left him walking slow.


You will find fundamentalists in every religion even fundamentalists amongst atheists as well
The kind of people who only see things in their way they see those different to them in their Earthly Hell
They try to impose their belief system on others their way of thinking more dangerous than strong
Anyone who does believe differently to them they see as not worthy and in their thinking wrong
For their chosen God fundamentalists kill people those who take their fundamentalism too far
They kill people who have never done them any harm in bombs strapped to their person or bombs in a car
This is what happens when fundamentalism is put into practice the intended victims with their lives have to pay
Some humans kill other humans for no apparent reason that does seem a sad thing for to have to say
Fundamentalists were never in danger of extinction of them always more than a few
And when i say they are becoming a growing minority i am not saying anything that is new
Some fundamentalists in their ways are harmless they never do harm anyone
But some of them become quite dangerous extremists and bad things to others have done
They even kill themselves for to kill others and become the distributors of fear
They are the twenty first century terrorists of their crimes we read of and hear.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On The Gray Shrike Thrush

You hear him once you cannot get him wrong
The gray shrike thrush does have a lovely song
With light brown back and unders of light gray
Birds i see often though not every day
They mostly sing in the Spring of the year
And their beautiful whistling is a joy to hear
In a bowl shaped nest of bark and fibres mostly on fork of tree
The female lays her white brown spotted eggs more often than not three
Not the prettiest bird to look at most fine songsters seem that way
But his clear and flute like whistling in your memory bound to stay
It lives where trees are plentiful and in it's range is not rare
As a songster with Australia's finest it favourably does compare
It eats insects, small lizards and nestlings of small birds and to many is well known
And is often seen with it's kind in small flocks or in pairs or on it's own.

A Lot Of Men

A lot of men in my young years in Millstreet did like their sports and did enjoy their grog
And they shlauned peat to warm their family homes in Winter in early Summer in Gneeves mountain bog
Around their fire grates on nights in the depths of Winter current affairs were discussed and other things they did recall
Such as politics and sporting greats and of great teams and games of hurling and gaelic football
They told stories of the War of Independence in Sliabh Luachra and Duhallow such as the ambush at Tureengarriffe Glen
Of a battle celebrated and often written about of the bravery of Sean Moylan and his men
And of the civil war days in Ireland when many brothers even became foes
In a tragic time in the history of Ireland that only added to a Nation's woes
In Ireland the changes keep on happening on the first decade of the twenty first century
The black and Tan War and the Civil War are now an all but faded memory
And modern machinery harvests the peat in the high bogland of Gneeves today
And more changes come with every generation suppose that it has always been this way
And most of the grown men of my boyhood years now with the departed of the Parish lay
And the now is all that really seems to matter as those of wisdom have been known to say.

'Tis True Money

'Tis true money cannot buy happiness though it can buy one a good time
And though to be cash poor in the book of the law is not classified as a crime
I'd rather be unhappy and have plenty of money than be unhappy and poor any day
'Tis true money speaks every language and it always has been this way
Those who say money is not important never seem to make much sense to me
Only a living saint or one of that kind would ever embrace poverty
If you cannot be happy with heaps of money for lack of it you'd live in misery
In our lives it is quite important and that's how it will always be
You may not like the cashed up and famous but they are the people who have it all
Though the furthest you climb up the success ladder the further you have for to fall
With little money some are moderately happy though with more they'd feel happier by far
The millionaire drives a mercedes the poor one cannot afford a car
'Tis true money cannot buy happiness though to that most would say that's nothing new
The happy cashed up in the many the happy poverty stricken in the few.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Those Who See Me As Inferior

Those who see me as inferior i see them as the same
That's treating others as they treat you for want to it of a better name
But to those who treat me as an equal in return equal respect to them i do pay
Treat others as they treat us we ought to live that way.

To anyone i've never been nasty at least not deliberately
But if others without provocation and on purpose say nasty things of me
In return they can expect from me as good as they did give
Though i am one who do beleive on to live and let live

Some who look up to the privileged class on the poor tend to look down
There are plenty of such kind out there in every village, city and town
People who cannot see the beauty in the fair go for all
They are so narrow minded and in their ways very small

If you are rude to someone expect that someone to you
In return pay the disrespect that surely is your due
It really is not that hard at all for one to make a foe
In life what we give we do receive does happen to be so.

Old Claraghatlea By Millstreet Town

In Claraghatlea by Millstreet Town my life journey began
And there i lived my youthful years and grew into a man
And there my love for Nature as a boy began to grow
Yet the more i learn of her so little about her i know i know

When the cold winds of Winter across the fields do blow
Old Clara on the higher ground wears his white hat of snow
But April brings her greenery and nesting birds commence to sing
The workings of Mother Nature is an amazing thing

Where the stream from the high fields to the Cails waters flow
To Claraghatlea by Millstreet Town the Seasons come and go
Many i went to school with the grandparents of today
Time does not wait for anyone it ticks and ticks away

Old Claraghatlea by Millstreet Town it was my first home-place
But there today to many mine would be a stranger's face
The babies born when i left there are now in their life's prime
Like me they too will come to know that we become victims of time

In fancy in leafy groves by Millstreet Town in the Spring wind and rain
The nesting birds in the gray dawn are singing once again
And to Claraghatlea i will return when the Summer days are near
When the countryside looks lush and green in the late Spring of the year.

The Young Bloke Daydreams

The young bloke day-dreams of new and great adventures in places from his home-town far away
He vows to himself i'll see the big World out there not like mum and dad did stay here grow old and gray
The wanderlust in his young heart is stirring his mind not here his thoughts often elsewhere
Next Spring at eighteen his birth home he'll be leaving to see some of the bigger World out there
His mum and dad in their forties quite happy but to them he looks at life quite differently
They are happy in their sedentary existence the bigger World they never wish to see
Even in their teens and twenties the bug of wander was not in them we all are different as some like to say
The son looking forward to his World travels the wanderlust growing in him by the day
The life journey for everyone seems different some travel far and wide some stay at home
Some with no desire to see the World's great Cities such as Delhi, New York, Tokyo or Rome
What does suit one will never suit the other some in their home-town live out their life span
Whilst others they are born for to travel a sedentary existence not in their life plan
From his mum and dad the young bloke very different he will join the ranks of the nomadic race
He does not have the strong sense of attachment as many seem to have for the home-place.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Greatest Of Them All

Many refer to themselves as poet that's a distinguished title though their words on them have a use by date
There are many writers in the World millions though few the masses wish to celebrate
As for me i'm just another simple rhymer 'tis easy very easy to pen rhyme
I penned my first rhymes at the age of twenty seven and that is going back more than three decades in time

Still inspiration never seems to leave me though my worth as a rhymer i do doubt
'Tis true from life we never do stop learning and always something for to write about
The beauty of Nature is all around me and everywhere i turn to look i see
The wonders of our Earth Mother's creations she re-invents herself eternally

There is no greater Earthly force than Nature she is the World's only super power
The one with the strength to flatten the greatest human buildings creates lovely things of beauty like a flower
Us humans live for awhile she lives forever her ocean waters ever lapping on the shore
We are born to die like all of her life forms but Nature she lives on forever more.

There are many self proclaimed writers in the World and many self proclaimed artists as well
As for me i'm just an ordinary rhymer though i too have my own stories for to tell
And like many i do live in awe of Nature of all of the greats the greatest of them all
She re-invents herself and lives forever and for all of us there is a final Fall.

Birds From Once Familiarized With

I wake to the voices of birds every day
Most of them by their songs or their chirps to their identity a give away
The voices of the house sparrows one could never mistake
They chirp all day long to nightfall from daybreak
The flute of the Aussie magpie so pleasant to hear
The black and white bird who sing every day of the year
The song of the blackbird can be heard in the Spring
For to proclaim their borders the male birds do sing
The harsh squawking of the white cockatoo and long drawn out cawing of the pale eyed crow
Species by their voices that everyone does know
And though many species of birds are familiar to many as well as to me
There's far more to the bird than one does hear and see
Most of them familiar to many by their chirp, call or song
Birds from once familiarized with one cannot get wrong.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life Is Quite Fair To Some

Life is quite fair to some and to some only there are many who have been to hell and back
The gods of luck do never seem on their side though to keep living courage is something they do not lack
I pay no heed to those who talk of life choices since life choices to everyone do not apply
Since circumstance of birth it is a known fact the right to a fair go many do deny
How can we expect some people for to like us when we steal the wealth resources of their Land
That they mistrust us for our sense of values should not be that hard for us to understand
For the wealthy to grow wealthier so many must grow poorer in a fair Human World it would not be this way
And with the sharp increase in the human population in the World we do live in of today
Far too many obliged to live destitute of money in their sad lives of homeless poverty
Compared to them i do feel very lucky though i am not money wealthy or may never be
Life it is fair to some but not to many the gap between the haves and have nots keeps growing ever wide
By circumstance of birth or by bad fortune of a fair go far too many are denied
So many grow poorer due to the greed of others in their sad lives they struggle for to cope
And the only thing that seems to keep them living is that for better things in life they live in hope.