Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Ageing Fellow Bill

My mum would not be proud of me were she alive today
I would not be her idea of a success that's what Bill Allob say
I was the only child she had dad died when I was six months old
He was a good man mum did say though his life story untold
My mum would not be proud of me to see me drinking booze
'Tis my fault I am the way I am I live the way I choose
Mum raised me as good as she could for me she did her best
But what it takes to be a life's success I sadly failed the test
Mum died when I was a young man I had just turned twenty three
To see me homeless and on the grog she would not be proud of me
I am tired of living on the streets and tired of sleeping rough
For one in his fifty ninth year that is hardly good enough
He may be homeless and hungry but of grog he drinks his fill
My mum would not be proud of me says the ageing fellow Bill.

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