Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Beautiful Game

Referred to as football or soccer and widely known by either name
The number one sport in the World some call it the beautiful game
Played in every town, village and city around the Globe and Worldwide
The top players reach a high skill level by their fans they are glorified
Names such as Best, Maradona and Pele are names the fans often recall
As well as Muller, Eusebio and Zidane when they talk of the World game of Football
The World cup is the game's showpiece where the World's best players their skills do display
Superstars of the game that is played in every Country the World's number one game of today
To play in a World Cup final as a star of his home Country's team
And be looked up to as a football legend is many a young fellow's dream
A game played in every Continent in every village and city and town
The top players are admired as small Gods and guaranteed Worldwide renown
Often referred to as football or soccer for some poor kids their ticket to wealth and fame
In the World's number one code of football it is known as the beautiful game.

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