Friday, September 24, 2010

For The Child Born Of Poor Parents

The child born of poor parents the he or the she
Start life at a disadvantage would you not agree
Disadvantaged by their suburb and their postal address
For them a great achievement any form of success
The job seekers from the poor side of the town
More often than not by employers of a job start turned down
Their high crime rate suburb has got a bad name
For the sins of the some all do receive the blame
For the child born of poor parents in life 'tis up hill all of the way
The she or he by circumstance of birth disadvantaged 'twould seem fair to say
Though some from the poor suburb success in life have known
Far more losers than winners where the crime rate has grown
Many children born in the poor suburb are destined to die young
Of suicide and drug overdoses as the town's poor unsung.

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