Monday, September 27, 2010

I Have Been Advised By Some

I have been advised by some to give rhyming away
That by now I should have said all I have to say
On life and on Nature and on people as well
But I have not yet written my last doggerel.

I have never pretended that I am a poet
Or that I should be worthy of literary note
I say not for the first time what I've often said before
I write for enjoyment that and nothing more.

An addictive rhymer I very well may be
But the rhymes they do seem to keep coming to me
To the nine thousand plus I have written I add more each day
One might say with words I am one who likes to play.

My worth as a rhymer I always do doubt
But every day more things for to write about
I write of the wonderful World around me
Of the beauty in Nature I hear and I see.

In Spring how lovely to wake from sleep at night
To the flute of the magpie in the pale moonlight
The silver billed bird with the beautiful song
In his breeding Season he pipes all night long.

I have written about him in doggerel rhyme
That some look upon as a waste of good time
But this is my hobby and would you not agree
That each to his or her own this is how it should be.

I have been penning doggerel since my fading life prime
And though some do advise me on such to call time
For many years now I've been a rhyming buff
And I intend for to keep on penning stuff.

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