Sunday, September 12, 2010

If There Is A Heaven

If there is a Heaven far distant from here
I'm sure the God there does enjoy dancing and laughter and his pot of cheer
For Heaven is supposed to be a kingdom of bliss
A Universal World of eternal joy and happiness.

If there is a Heaven you won't find me there
The God in the sky will send me to elsewhere
I will be with Satan and the damned of Hell
Perhaps if I'm lucky penning doggerel.

If there is a Heaven somewhere in the sky
Perhaps winged angels above the evergreen valleys there sing as they fly
And in the ever flowering gardens birds sing every day
In the sunshine of Heaven from Earth far away.

If there is a Heaven it must be a World of music and dancing and song
Where the God in his kingdom does laugh all day long
A world where people do never grow old
And where beauty is everywhere for to behold.

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