Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Should Not

One should not harm the living or pay disrespect to the dead
And treat others as you'd like them treat you as wise people have said
And live by the laws of compassion as you journey on life's way
What we give to life we receive does that seem fair to say?
Of crimes against humanity every day we read of and we hear
One can only feel indifference for those who rule by fear
For their crimes to Karma the price will be huge to pay
Their past will return to haunt them in the not too distant day
The laws of the Universal Karma does apply to us all
Any act of kindness towards others can never be too small
For to add to one's good Karma what we give we do receive
On the Laws of Karma I am one who happens to believe
One should not harm the living or disrespect the memory of the dead in any way
For our sins the price to Karma is always huge to pay.

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