Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Only Immortal I Do Know Of

There is far more to Nature than the greenery of the Spring
Or the babbling of the waterways or the songs the birds do sing
Or the rumbling of the giant surf waves when the sea is at full tide
The things we don't know of Nature are the things from us she hide
Where-ever you do travel to her presence will be there
The beauty that she creates is around us everywhere
Often referred to as Earth Mother for her another name
But Earth Mother and Mother Nature are one and of the same
When all memories of me are lost never more to be found
Her swallows will return in Spring to breed on their home ground
And her wildflowers will be blooming above where my remains do lay
So call her Earth Mother or Mother Nature or call her what you may
She will live on forever for her no last night and day
The only immortal I do know of she creates life and decay.

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