Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Dear Sister Margaret

Our dear sister Margaret Michael Casey's wife
In Hospital in Cork is fighting for her life
Her youngest son Michael did ring me with bad news to tell
That his mum is in intensive care and feeling quite unwell.

He said she suffered of a sudden seizure bleeding in the brain
But the great will for life she has she does retain
To her gift of life she does desperately cling
But I feel she will be in Tooreenbawn next Spring

When the nesting songbirds will whistle and sing
And brown lark in the gray clouds will be carolling
And wildflowers will open their petals to the light of day
And the hawtorns will wear their white blooms of the May.

Our dear sister Margaret a heroine unsung
A role model to me when I was quite young
When Mum was dying of cancer and feeling quite ill
The motherly role in the family she ably did fill.

Although critically ill due to bleeding in the brain
I do believe I will see Margaret again
Though we are now ageing and our better years long gone
Her great will to live will help her to live on.

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