Sunday, September 5, 2010

She Is A Somebody

She is a somebody just like your own daughter
Though to buy booze and narcotics her sexual favours she sell
And since you do not even know her why on her pass judgement
Her life story far sadder than your's to tell.

Homeless and sleeping rough when she was fourteen
She knows about life in the Earthly Hell
Her mum and dad in jail for drug trafficking
To survive to her twenties she has done quite well.

In her early twenties life for her is a battle
But where there is life there is always great hope
And she may yet make a great success out of her life
Since with the toughest of an existence she has learned how to cope.

She is a somebody for her life's a battle
But why judge her harshly or why judge her at all
She has had a tough childhood her life not been easy
And noxious addictions have been her downfall.

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