Thursday, September 23, 2010

Since I Do Not Have A Religion

Since I do not have a religion something I never do deny
The put down religious term of infidel to me has to apply
Yet good luck to those who do believe their souls have wings to fly
For to join their God on the day they die in his Kingdom in the sky
They are entitled to their beliefs like 'tis said to each their own
But I'm one of those who could never believe on what to me is an unknown
In his evolution of the species old Darwin wrote that humans evolved from ape like kind
And that a bigger brain provided ample room for a greater thinking mind
But theologians do argue that he was wrong they see it in a different way
Yet our different views on things do make us more interesting as some are known to say
Each to their own and their own beliefs that's how it seems to me
If we all agreed on everything how boring we would be
Whether you do or do not have a God I can only wish you well
Though I will live on till I die as a Godless infidel.

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