Friday, September 17, 2010

So Good To Be Living

So good to be living to see in the Spring
When the wild born birds of Nature do whistle and sing
In the town parkland looking so lush and green
Nature's beautiful wildflowers plentiful to be seen.

On high branch of tree blackbird piping his best
On her four green red spotted eggs his mate sits on her nest
His song so melodious and pleasant to hear
A warning to males of his own kind of his borders stay clear.

With his mate he shares in the nest building, egg incubating and raising of the young
And by late November his best songs have been sung
In Australia it is such a nice time of year
When Spring is about and the Summer is near.

When silver billed magpie is singing by day and by night
How lovely to hear him flute in the moonlight
His mate on their nest egg incubating and he not one to pretend
In song warns males of his own kind his borders he will fight to defend.

The magpie larks otherwise known as pee wee
Build their cup shaped nest of mud on fork of branch of tree
Pee wee often repeated is all they do say
Their song to their identity a give away.

The years may have left me feeling and looking older and gray
But so good to be living on such a nice day
In their nests of dried grass lined with feathers under the house eaves all day long
Young house sparrows are chirping 'tis their way of song.

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