Saturday, September 18, 2010

Your Past Follows You

The now is all that matters it well may be so
But your past follows you to where-ever you go
And those on the run from the law due to serious crime
Will be brought to court though it may take some time

For the police to catch up with them though that will happen one night or day
And on their future address a judge will have the say
Our past is with us till the day that we die
This is a fact of life and fact never lie.

You may live under a new identity in a town from where you once lived far away
But the guilt of your past in your mind it will stay
And if the law doesn't find you by Karma you will be found
Like what has often been said what goes around comes around.

For as long as the gift of memory you retain
Your past though you may wish to forget it with you will remain
And the guilt of your sins remain with you from that you cannot hide
That's the truth of the matter and truth won't be denied.

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