Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ageing In The Queensland Tropics

Ageing in the Queensland tropics a long way from old Koroit Town
Where he was born and grew into manhood and where he lived when his hair was brown
He talks of people he knew in Koroit, Kirkstall, Tower Hill and Killarney to his mates in the pub at Mackay
The man from South Western Victoria from where he now lives far away

His wife and children and grandchildren coastal Queenslanders and they love their tropical Town Where even the most sun shy person from the warm sun and wind is bronzed brown
Though he still talks of Koroit with great fondness in Mackay he will live his last day
It was his life's destiny to leave Victoria and destiny does have it's way.

Australia is such a big Country Mackay to Koroit in distance seems far
It can be a long tiring journey for those who like to travel by car
Since he was last in his southern Hometown near to two decades of years have gone by
Though the love of the first homeplace it does seem is quite a hard thing to deny.

His mates familiar with his often told stories of his nights in the Mickey Bourke and Commercial Hotel
Of his boyhood mentors and the people he grew up with since his memory does serve him well
On his seventy fifth year of living time has left him looking quite gray
In his home in Mackay in the tropics from Koroit in miles far away.

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