Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birdsland In November

The kookaburra laughing in the wood at Birdsland and magpie fluting for to greet the day
And the familiar voices of the small green bellbirds like tiny bells tinkling in the dawning gray
The sulphur crested cockatoos on the tall trees always quite noisy at nightfall and daybreak
Snow white with yellow crests quite pretty birds to look at their harsh grating squawks once heard one can't mistake
The water birds with their young swim on the lakes at Birdsland Spring there is such a lovely time of year
So nice to hear the piping of the shrike thrush and the blackbird's song melodious and clear
The white and the straw necked ibis feeding on the wetland with their long bills probing for slugs in the softer ground
A safe haven for wildlife in old Birdsland where many species in numbers abound
Were i a poet i'd write a poem of Birdsland of November in the latter days of Spring
When the daisies and the capeweed are blooming of Nature's praises i do love to sing
From recent rain the high paddocks are at their very finest and Nature resplendent in her cloak of green
I retain great mental pictures of old Birdsland and the beauty in that grand old place i've seen
I may be living many miles from Birdsland but fond memories of the place i do retain
And in fancy with my faitful old dog Jedder i walk the pathways by the lakes again.

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