Monday, November 8, 2010

Due To The Increase In The Human Population

Due to the increase in the human population it does come as no surprise
That wildlife is becoming rarer yet many fail to realize
That every tree that we do cut down to more extinction does lead
There is far more to Nature far more than in books we do read
You will not find many birds and small animals in a sparsely treed countryside
Such creatures need trees and rank undergrowth from predators in which to hide
The uncalled for destruction of natural habitat is the main cause of wildlife decline
The ignorant one will tell you the fate of the small bird or animal is not any business of mine
Yet due to such an attitude natural habitat we choose to destroy
And in so doing deprive future generations of the pleasure to watch and enjoy
Wildborn creatures in their wild state extinction is forever more
Climate change and habitat destruction putting more pressure on wildlife nowadays than ever before
Removal of hedgerows and trees renders creatures homeless and homeless creatures cannot hope to survive
By our bad environmental practices future generations of enjoyment we deprive.

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