Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You will find fundamentalists in every religion even fundamentalists amongst atheists as well
The kind of people who only see things in their way they see those different to them in their Earthly Hell
They try to impose their belief system on others their way of thinking more dangerous than strong
Anyone who does believe differently to them they see as not worthy and in their thinking wrong
For their chosen God fundamentalists kill people those who take their fundamentalism too far
They kill people who have never done them any harm in bombs strapped to their person or bombs in a car
This is what happens when fundamentalism is put into practice the intended victims with their lives have to pay
Some humans kill other humans for no apparent reason that does seem a sad thing for to have to say
Fundamentalists were never in danger of extinction of them always more than a few
And when i say they are becoming a growing minority i am not saying anything that is new
Some fundamentalists in their ways are harmless they never do harm anyone
But some of them become quite dangerous extremists and bad things to others have done
They even kill themselves for to kill others and become the distributors of fear
They are the twenty first century terrorists of their crimes we read of and hear.

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