Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Gift Of life The Greatest Gift

The gift of life the greatest gift we possess though short enough in time the human span
'Tis said that on average that seventy years is the life of a woman and even a few years less for a man
So make the most of what you have been given since everything in life it does not go to plan
Though 'tis true you cannot put an old head on young shoulders whilst the ageing surely lacking in elan
Some people they are prone to stress and worry though such things never get them anywhere
The people stressing from financial worries abundant in the bigger World out there
But worrying never does solve any problems it only causes inner health decay
'Tis said that stress does lead to heart attacks and cancer the price of worry a huge price to pay
One problem we create for ourselves leads to another that's how it is and that's how it will remain
The World economic depression may be getting to you but few wish to hear you when you do complain
Lucky the one though in financial trouble who can say there are far worse off than i
He or she will live for to see times for them better it will not be of a stress related illness they will die
The gift of life the greatest gift we possess so why not make the most of every day
And since worry leads to stress and to health problems why waste your time in worrying anyway.

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