Monday, November 29, 2010

I Am One Who Does Have A Rhyme Addiction

I am one who does have a rhyme addiction and I've written one might say a whole lot of rhyme
Without the reward of prestige, fame or money some do say my efforts seem a waste of time
I am not a poet just an average rhymer one who will never make the Rhymers Hall of Fame
As Neily Flynn of Millstreet Town did often remind me that penning verse can be a hungry belly game
To rhyme to me it does seem a compulsion i add to my large total every day
'Tis easy for to rhyme as most will tell you and i have for to agree with what they say
But i feel happy when my pen is rhyming for many years i have been a rhyme buff
Doesn't bother me that much my lack of readers and i'm always happy when i'm penning stuff
Of writers block i hear and read of often and though my worth as a writer i have reason for to doubt
I am one who is never short of subject matter there is always something for to write about
Of people and of places and of Nature the rhymes they seem to keep coming to me
Anyone can string a few verses together believe me 'tis as easy as can be
If i told you that i would give up rhyming then i would only be telling a lie
On penning stuff i do find self enjoyment and i hope to pen on till the day i die.

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