Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Last Rhyme Poet Of Her Suburb

She was the last rhyme poet of her suburb the classic rhymers nowadays seem quite rare
As well as poems she also penned songs and ballads her gifts with others she did share
She lived on her own never gave birth to children or never wished to become any fellow's wife
In her working years a secondary school teacher penning rhyming poetry was her passion in life
She never did yearn for the fame and glory yet through her poetry she became known far and wide
She never sought to make money from her verses yet greatness of her could not be denied
She lived to eighty seven quite a good age amongst the suburbs deceased her remains do lay
Her poems today read and enjoyed by many greatness outlives mortality some say
Her works are musical and quite enlightening she was born with the gift of perfect rhyme
And through her legacy of words she will be long remembered though everything does seem to fade in time
Her songs are sung and her poems often recited in the pubs and social gatherings in the town
In death she is becoming very famous in life she never did know such renown
The last great rhyming poet of the suburb her likes perhaps may not be seen again
Her musical words sung, read and enjoyed by many and memories of her in her works remain.

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