Friday, November 5, 2010

Marginalized People

Marginalized people are increasing in number and that seems a sad thing for to have to say
As the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps on widening in the Human World that we live in today
In a fairer World things would be very different there would not be this thing known as poverty
Some of the wealthy do yearn to be wealthier this does seem so very much like greed to me
The majority of the wealth of the World as we all know is in the command of the privileged few
This is a known fact of life that i speak of you may say that i am not saying anything that is new
One cannot blame a poor person for feeling despondent and saying that life is so very unfair
When so many poor people do seem to grow poorer for the creation of a new millionaire
In every town and village and city and in every part of the big world out there
Marginalized people to say the least many millions of them and they live everywhere
Not only in the many third World Countries but in the so called wealthy Nations as well
People condemned to spend their lives in penury struggling to survive in their Earthly Hell
The paupers the homeless and the misplaced people the economic and climate and war refugees
And the billions of have nots all around the World affected by poverty in varying degrees.

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