Monday, November 22, 2010

Old Claraghatlea By Millstreet Town

In Claraghatlea by Millstreet Town my life journey began
And there i lived my youthful years and grew into a man
And there my love for Nature as a boy began to grow
Yet the more i learn of her so little about her i know i know

When the cold winds of Winter across the fields do blow
Old Clara on the higher ground wears his white hat of snow
But April brings her greenery and nesting birds commence to sing
The workings of Mother Nature is an amazing thing

Where the stream from the high fields to the Cails waters flow
To Claraghatlea by Millstreet Town the Seasons come and go
Many i went to school with the grandparents of today
Time does not wait for anyone it ticks and ticks away

Old Claraghatlea by Millstreet Town it was my first home-place
But there today to many mine would be a stranger's face
The babies born when i left there are now in their life's prime
Like me they too will come to know that we become victims of time

In fancy in leafy groves by Millstreet Town in the Spring wind and rain
The nesting birds in the gray dawn are singing once again
And to Claraghatlea i will return when the Summer days are near
When the countryside looks lush and green in the late Spring of the year.

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