Friday, November 26, 2010

On Internet Scammers

In this age of advanced human technology there is a huge increase in fraudulent crime
On the World Wide Web deception is abundant for internet scammers a profitable time
They cheat the vulnerable out of their savings and leave them without a penny to their name
The people they cheat are not wealthy people yet their actions never seem to cause them shame
'Man's inhumanity to man does make millions mourn' whoever first said that was speaking the truth
Yet spiritually they are poor people those lacking in honesty and kindness and ruth
They are not twenty first century Robin Hoods these people in their ways are so low
To not well to do vulnerable people any sympathy they do not show
Far too many internet scammers people who see cheating as quite okay
With seemingly authentic internet scams to rob people of their savings they even go out of their way
And in many instances they are successful which is a sad thing for to have to say
Such people are not worthy of respect since respect to others they never do pay
In this the twenty first century internet crime it is on the rise
And most internet scammers in their scams are successful more so than most do seem to realize.

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