Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Nature

The beauty of Nature is all around me and everywhere i turn i hear and see
The small birds chirping amongst the dense bushes and the magpie fluting on a tall gum tree
And Nature to me is the greatest teacher from her i learn something every day
But we will never learn of her secrets from us she keeps them well hidden away
I cannot claim to know that much of Nature the more i learn of her i realize little i know
Of her ways she's the only real World superpower and my wonder of her only seems to grow
She feeds us all the source of our existence yet respect to her we never seem to pay
Our greatest friend yet we choose to abuse her and that does seem a sad thing for to say
We dig her ground and rob her of her riches her diamonds and her silver and her gold
To satisfy our greed we do violate her we do not grow wiser we only grow old
But she does outlive all of her life forms and her life forms does include us human kind
She is the World's only true immortal a way to live forever we will never find
Yes she is the World's only true immortal the only one who will live forever more
She outlives all of us her brightest life forms that is something you would have heard said before.

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