Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some People Worry About

Some people worry about little problems and worrying makes them prematurely gray
Suppose that they were born to be worriers since what we are we are meant to be that way
Such people are not rare or never will be i meet one or two of them every day
They feel that the whole World is against them we are what we think we are seems true to say
Above the clouds of gloom that does surround them they never even seem to try to rise
That millions of people are far worse off than they are is something they do not seem to realize
'Tis said we are as poor as we believe that we are with such an assumption i for one agree
Some who are financially secure can be poor in their thinking at least that is how it does seem to me
Some people who are poor are not homeless and hungry since poverty with them is a state of mind
They are lost on their life journey of self pity the road to happiness they cannot find
I enjoy meeting seemingly carefree people of their small worries me they never tell
If they have worries they never mention they have they always seem happy and fit and well,
They like to tell you of their little problems their way perhaps of seeking sympathy
Financially secure yet they do not feel that way and in their minds they are in poverty.

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