Saturday, November 6, 2010

South Western Victoria

In Kirkstall in the Summer the paddocks are brown
That stretch on to Koroit on to Warrnambool town
But in the rains of Spring everywhere looks so green
In a flat beautiful landscape for miles to be seen
From Woolsthorpe to Hawkesdale the paddocks flat and wide
A sheep, beef and dairy cattle countryside
And further on in Penshurst miles of unploughable ground
Where stones from Kolor's volcanic eruptions visibly abound
The beauty of South West Victoria in it's varying scenery
In every ten miles you travel there is something new to see
Hamilton, MacArthur, Mt Eccles and Port Fairy seem different in every way
I only write of what is common knowledge what others often say
Of Western Victoria from the Volcanic Mountains to the sea
It is a varying landscape as varying as can be.

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