Friday, November 26, 2010

Such A Beautiful Morning

It is such a beautiful morning blue sky, sunshine and a timid breeze
A low overnight of seventeen a high today of twenty five degrees
At least that is in the weather forecast and short term weather forecasts seldom get it wrong
The magpies fluting in the parkland they have such a beautiful song
The swallows above the town circling without any effort they do fly
To twist and turn to them comes so easy as they chase flying insects in the sky
How could one but only feel happy on such a warm and pleasant Spring day
The sparrows in the bushes chirping familiar in their noisy way
A poet of the beauty i now witness would surely feel inspired for to write
A poem of Nature in all of her splendour for readers to enjoy and recite
White butterflies flitting above the parkland and around the blossoming trees
Resplendent in the light of the sun's lamp the buzzings of flies and of bees
On a day to remember for a lifetime and a wonderful memory for to retain
And in moments of happy reflection such memories come to life again.

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