Monday, November 29, 2010

Tadgh De Brun

Tadgh De Brun is a renowned singer of old ballads a link to Duhallow's cultural and historical past
His type of person invaluable to Ireland in a Land where change does keep occuring fast
He sings the old songs with great pride and passion his contribution to culture we ought not to under-rate
Here is a person who is worth admiring and his is a name that we ought to celebrate

People like Tadgh make a case for re-incarnation he may have lived in another time
As a singer, musician or a dancer, a storyteller or a man of rhyme
In the age of crossroad entertainment his may have been a legendary name
A person who was born with a rare talent and destined for to live a life of fame

The Tadgh De Brun types nowadays rare in Ireland and the Country worse off for this it does seem
Such people deserve much more recognition and are worthy of a far greater esteem
In an age when celebrities every year are paid millions traditional singers and musicians struggle to get by
What does this have to say of us and our sense of values if our links to the past we do tend to deny?

A cultured person one of a rare talent the words of hundreds of old songs he know
The last great ballad singer of Duhallow where the swirling waters of the Allow flow
Through the old fields babbling on to the Blackwater on through Kanturk the North Cork Hometown
Of Tadgh De Brun the famous singer and bouzouki player who is known to some by his english name of Tim Browne.

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