Monday, November 22, 2010

Those Who See Me As Inferior

Those who see me as inferior i see them as the same
That's treating others as they treat you for want to it of a better name
But to those who treat me as an equal in return equal respect to them i do pay
Treat others as they treat us we ought to live that way.

To anyone i've never been nasty at least not deliberately
But if others without provocation and on purpose say nasty things of me
In return they can expect from me as good as they did give
Though i am one who do beleive on to live and let live

Some who look up to the privileged class on the poor tend to look down
There are plenty of such kind out there in every village, city and town
People who cannot see the beauty in the fair go for all
They are so narrow minded and in their ways very small

If you are rude to someone expect that someone to you
In return pay the disrespect that surely is your due
It really is not that hard at all for one to make a foe
In life what we give we do receive does happen to be so.

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