Friday, November 5, 2010

'Tis Cold Today Back There By Clara Mountain

'Tis cold today back there by Clara Mountain 'tis cold indeed quite cold enough to snow
The deciduous trees of their leaves almost denuded and cold Autumn winds across the old fields blow
The stream from Claramore in brown flood waters through Claraghatlea bank high to join the flooded Cails does flow
And journey on to meet the swollen Finnow in wet fields where the rushes rank do grow.

The swallows from Duhallow have departed in the warmer Southern Country they do fly
To chase the flying insects their only food source all day long in the blue and sunny sky
Whilst in the high fields by old rugged Clara the redwings from the Northlands far away
Are calling in the coldness of the morning the low dark clouds tell of more rain today.

In the farmyard the hungry cattle bellow to tell the farmer they need to be fed
Until the Spring brings new grass to the old fields they will be confined in their wintering shed
In the late Fall the Winter fast approaching 'tis not a very pleasant time of year
The winds of rain soughing in the naked beech trees and birdsong is a thing one does not hear.

'Tis cold today back there by Clara Mountain with few leaves left on the deciduous trees
In weather wet and cold and far from pleasant a forecast high of only five degrees
In Claraghatlea the stream bank high is flowing and water gurgling in the roadside drain
And low dark clouds and wind soughing in the beech trees give warning of impending heavy rain.

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