Tuesday, November 23, 2010

'Tis True Money

'Tis true money cannot buy happiness though it can buy one a good time
And though to be cash poor in the book of the law is not classified as a crime
I'd rather be unhappy and have plenty of money than be unhappy and poor any day
'Tis true money speaks every language and it always has been this way
Those who say money is not important never seem to make much sense to me
Only a living saint or one of that kind would ever embrace poverty
If you cannot be happy with heaps of money for lack of it you'd live in misery
In our lives it is quite important and that's how it will always be
You may not like the cashed up and famous but they are the people who have it all
Though the furthest you climb up the success ladder the further you have for to fall
With little money some are moderately happy though with more they'd feel happier by far
The millionaire drives a mercedes the poor one cannot afford a car
'Tis true money cannot buy happiness though to that most would say that's nothing new
The happy cashed up in the many the happy poverty stricken in the few.

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