Friday, November 26, 2010

Too Many People

Too many people have died in war and war zones yet from the past we never learn it seems that way
In every war the winner seems a loser in loss of lives the price is huge to pay
'Thou Shalt Not Kill' is Moses Fifth Commandment though such the warlords happily disobey
Young men sacrifice their lives for ageing despots some never learn from the past sad to say
So many civilian casualties in war zones two wrongs 'tis said do never make a right
Those who wage wars mostly silly ageing so called leaders who do lack in common sense and on insight
They send their troops to war to fight and even die for them power hungry men who never do grow wiser only gray
The world would be a safer and a happier place to live in if such people never see the light of day
From two World Wars any lessons were not learned that some never learn so happen to be true
Those who start wars are far from decent people they will deserve the Karma they are due
Every battle fought gives rise to more war heroes and many need heroes to celebrate
And many young people daydream of dying in battle as they have their heroes for to emulate
The family members left to grieve their war dead their's for to bear is such a heavy cross
He may have died as a hero to many but to his family his death is a tragic loss.

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