Monday, November 8, 2010

Without Trying To Generalize

If you cannot love self you cannot love others that is a fact and facts are true
You give love and love you receive in return what we get from life is our due
What i say here is common knowledge and not anything that is new
Your dog's love is always unconditional though people of that sort are few
To the dangerous dog look no further than it's master since it's master more than likely to it has been cruel
The beatings it has received from it's owner to it's anger towards strangers the fuel
Many may claim i am generalizing and with what i say may not agree
But everyone have their opinion and that is quite okay with me
No doubt we would seem very boring if we all did think in the same way
But on saying that a dangerous dog has an unloving master i do believe in what i say
The dog takes on the master's behaviour and will bite if the opportunity arise
That is the case more often than not without trying to generalize
One ought not to excuse them for their anger because they have drunk too much grog
Many who do seem to lack in self love are known to be cruel to their dog.

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