Monday, November 22, 2010

The Young Bloke Daydreams

The young bloke day-dreams of new and great adventures in places from his home-town far away
He vows to himself i'll see the big World out there not like mum and dad did stay here grow old and gray
The wanderlust in his young heart is stirring his mind not here his thoughts often elsewhere
Next Spring at eighteen his birth home he'll be leaving to see some of the bigger World out there
His mum and dad in their forties quite happy but to them he looks at life quite differently
They are happy in their sedentary existence the bigger World they never wish to see
Even in their teens and twenties the bug of wander was not in them we all are different as some like to say
The son looking forward to his World travels the wanderlust growing in him by the day
The life journey for everyone seems different some travel far and wide some stay at home
Some with no desire to see the World's great Cities such as Delhi, New York, Tokyo or Rome
What does suit one will never suit the other some in their home-town live out their life span
Whilst others they are born for to travel a sedentary existence not in their life plan
From his mum and dad the young bloke very different he will join the ranks of the nomadic race
He does not have the strong sense of attachment as many seem to have for the home-place.

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