Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lena O' Keeffe

Her work for the Millstreet Tidy Town Committee for many years played a huge part in her life
Lena nee Kelleher to John O' Keeffe was a good and a loving wife
Her and John often seen doing their tidy town work on the streets of Millstreet Town
On Summer evenings long ago after supper till sundown

With John out for their evening walk she will not be seen again
But a kind hearted woman of striking beauty in memory does remain
She was one of Millstreet's finest so graceful and so tall
Mental pictures of her with those who knew her will remain to recall

To that old Town by Clara Hill the Seasons come and go
And the passing of time eventually to everyone a foe
Gone from the Main Street in the flesh one loved, admired and widely known
The inspirational woman Lena she was one of Millstreet's own.

Sad to think that her heart so full of love and kindness is now forever still
In her grave in St Mary's in view of Cashman's Hill
One can only hope that death for her was from life a painless release
Lena the wife of John O' Keeffe may she now rest in peace.

No Reason For To Complain

White butterflies flitting in the warm sunlight
On a Summer morning that is pleasant and breezy and bright
Under the house eaves the young sparrows chirp in their nests of feathers and hay
It is so good to be living on such a nice day
The park looking green after overnight rain
About such weather no reason for to complain
Amongst the clouds of blue some woolly looking clouds of gray
And with a freshening breeze blowing up from the bay
Mother Nature her cloak of many colours does wear
Her beauty with us she is willing to share
Were i a poet a poem of such beauty i would write
For lovers of Nature poetry to enjoy and read and recite
Of Nature's beauty that is everywhere around me
The beauty i do not have to pay for to see.

Friday, December 30, 2011

So Live in The Now

The biological clock is becoming my foe
And only in memory i can go to the long ago
And though like many i too would love to turn back the hands of time
Only the memories left to me of my long gone prime
We receive from life what is only our due
And make the most of your lot in life only seems true
In the end to the scythe of the Reaper we eventually must fall
And he is the greatest egalatarian of all
Since the greatest are born to be mortals why otherwise pretend
Death awaits us all at our life's journey's end
The billionaire then no greater than the refugee
Or the homeless one living in dire poverty
So live in the now make the most of your day
Time does not wait for us it does seem this way.

Christmas Day 2011

The weather is warm though thunder rain overnight
And in the morning of Christmas warmth in the sunlight
It is looking like a warm and humid Christmas Day
Though the weather forecast has more thunder rain on the way
A place of celebration where friends and families do meet
Picnic tables are being set up in the park by the street
Eskies full of beer, chops and snags to barbecue
To their Christmas tradition Aussies remain true
In Australia at Christmas for many no shortage of meat
Or of alcohol to drink or of any sort of food for to eat
'Tis the land of plenty as some are known to say
Not only at Christmas but on every day
But in the land of plenty the have nots are not few
You may say to that tell us something that is new.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

You Tell Me

So many losing out in the social divide
And the gap between the haves and the have nots grows wide
And many far too many of hunger have died
And sad to say millions of a fair go denied
You try to convince me all in life is fair
In a Human World where many grow poorer for every new millionaire
You tell me everyone has life choices with that i do not agree
You try telling that to the poor Stateless refugee?
You tell me that some are just born to lose
How would you know that have you lived in the shoes
Of a homeless person one in dire poverty?
You do seem quite a judgemental person to me
In your words the have nots of a fair go you deny
But judge and you will be judged to you too does apply.

An Aussie Coastal Christmas Day

The weather temperature 31 degrees on an Aussie coastal Christmas Day
With their lunch eaten the bronzed sun worshippers on the sunlit beach do lay
Slightly hung over after drinking and partying on Christmas Eve Night
Conditions  quite ideal for improving their sun tans in the warm sunlight
On Christmas day the coastal Aussies love to wine and dine
And after play beach cricket then lay in the sunshine
Bare skin exposed to the summer sun skin cancer they do not fear
The holiday making coastal Aussie's way of having fun  at the end of the old year
Though both of them are good and kind on that most would agree
The coastal and bush Aussies in their ways different as can be
Over the Christmas Holidays coastal Aussies surf and play cricket with their cricket club
And later drink till closing time at their favourite local pub
After wining and dining and playing their games on an Aussie Christmas Day
Most coastal Aussies go to the beach and in the sunshine lay.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gerard Dromey

I remember Gerard from the Millstreet Convent school he was sensitive and shy
Since then near six decades in time has ticked on by
But from the Millstreet Boys Primary School him i cannot recall
My memory at times not the best and does not serve me well at all
The sad news of his passing did take me to the past
To my fledgling years decades ago how time does tick on fast
Those i grew up with in years getting on and have known a better day
And some of them Gerard Dromey one with the departed lay
By all accounts a decent soul one who led a good life
Kind to his friends and devoted to his children and his wife
One who remained true to those dear to him and one who never sought renown
He will be missed in Murphy's Terrace and likewise Millstreet Town
Though for each of us a final Fall and a final night and day
One more good person lost to Millstreet Town that would seem fair to say.

A Millstreet Christmas

Old Clara is in his December hat of snow
And Finnow from the high country bank high does flow
On towards the Blackwater it rumbles on down
In bare rushy wet fields just west of Millstreet Town

Across the deserted fields the cold winds do blow
And the redwings are chirping on the bare hedgerow
And the cattle in farmshed for fodder bellow
A scene of  Christmas i once used to know

At a time of year when the weather is never sunny and fine
In the heated indoors the friends and families wine and dine
And though like many more from such a life i've moved on
I still do have memories of Christmas long gone

Here in Victoria the weather is humid close to thirty degrees
And warmth in the sunshine and warmth in the breeze
Around the blossoming shrubs and trees brown butterflies fly
And swallows chase flying insects in the sunny sky

Yet i do recall Christmas from here far away
When from overnight ground frost the old fields were gray
And old Finnow bank high in flood waters of brown
Flowed to the Blackwater close to Millstreet Town.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

He Carries Joy With Him

Wearing colorful clothes and a blue checked tartan cap
He did seem to me quite a happy young chap
With a big smile on his face though the morning sky gray
The  stranger who greeted me with a cheerful good day
He whistled a tune as he walked down the street
And though perhaps him again i may never more meet
I will recall him as one who seemed carefree
A carrier of joy who makes friends easily
I bet in his travels in life his friends in numbers grow
Since people like him others do wish to know
The sky overcast it was threatening to rain
He whistled on the street as he walked to the train
He carries joy with him and spreads it around
Wherever he will be at happiness will be found.

Australia The Great Land

In Australia i have travelled a bit been to many a town
And on some of the roadways of the big Country i've driven up and down
But many have seen more of Down Under than me
In the great Southern Country there is so much to see
A land of many climates and amazing scenery
The home of the pittosporum, wattle and the eucalypt tree
Where many of the World's most amazing life forms are to be found
And where megapodes, marsupials and monoterenes abound
Where honeyeaters, mud nest builders and ratites are regularly seen
Of varying shapes and sizes and colours from blue, black, white, pink, red, gold and green
In the land of the oldest Race the people of the Dreamtime
They have become the legends of story and rhyme
The home of the magpie, currawong, kookaburra, lyrebird and the unmistakeable pee wee
Australia the great Land Surrounded by sea.

Friday, December 23, 2011

He Said

He said you have written a lot but you do not write well
So many like you who do pen doggerel
Such stuff from the memory that is quick to fade
But then everyone is welcome in the wordsmith trade
When younger at such remarks i would have taken offense
But age it has brought me one might say more sense
And since his opinions are his  that suits me fine
Since what is his is hardly any business of mine
An educated bloke in his mid thirties though in discernment he does lack
Since he fail to realize that words from once spoken cannot be taken back
The discerning without causing offense speak the truth
It is the callous and arrogant who lack in ruth
He said the type of stuff you pen anybody could write
Though him for his opinion on my work i did not invite.

You May Use

You may use anti ageing creams and powders to smooth your age wrinkles away
 And you may well buy for yourself hair dyes for to cloak your natural gray
These products may make you look younger by hiding the ravages of time
But you can never recover your lost youth or the health and fitness of your long gone prime
Anti ageing creams and hair dyes do not lengthen the life span by one second overall
And true that pride that boosts the ego always comes before a fall
And the need in many to look young despite ageing is not an uncommon thing
Since the praises of the aged and ageing you will not hear many sing
A dwindling minority in the Human World of today
Those who age with grace in the natural way
For plastic surgery wealthy people to plastic surgeons huge sums of cash pay
Money speaks every language as some like to say
But it will not buy you back your lost youthful elan
Or even guarantee you a longer life span.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Human Thinking Too Has Borders

Through d n a samples extinct species will live again some scientists do say
But any heed to such a theory i for one do not pay
Human thinking too has borders it does seem this way
The dodo is long dead and as dead it will stay
Extinction is forever though with that some may not agree
But at least anyhow that is how it seems to me
That scientists can create life out of long extinct life forms though great some of them are
Even for them it does seem that one step too far
Of learning from Nature some insights into her workings we gain
But her secrets are many and that fact does remain
Humans who have caused much extinction damage done cannot repair
But to blame every human being for such would seem a bit unfair
Since most damage to the natural environment caused by the greedy few
One might say to that tell us something that's new.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

At St Brigid's

In St Brigid's at Crossley 'tis candles by candle light
Where the old church does echo to the strains of Silent Night
And other famous Christmas songs that refuse to fade away
On a pleasant December evening four sleeps from Christmas Day

The M C for the evening the renowned singer songwriter Shane Howard
With the gifts of song and music one who has been empowered
He sang and played guitar and introduced the singers and musicians some of the regions best
And no shortage of great talent in Victoria's South West

Around eight thirty at the arrival in St Brigid's of the ageless Santa Claus
There was clapping and singing and prolonged loud applause
Waving as he walked up the aisle in his red cap and red suit and long beard as white as snow
How old is Father Christmas would anybody know?

In kisses, hugs and handshakes friends each other did greet
On a pleasant get together where friends and families meet
In St Brigid's Church at Crossley 5 k's from Koroit Town
Just off of the quiet Crossley Road where few cars and trucks pass up and down

People of different generations young and old and in their prime
At St Brigid's Church in Crossley were having a good time
At carols by candle light four sleeps from Christmas Day
Such a beautiful occasion in the memory sure to stay.

A Troubled Old World

A troubled old World the Human World of today
News of war and mass death by violence from lands far away
In war zones where many are maimed for life and many die young
Their remains in mass graves the forgotten unsung
So tragic is war and the great sorrow it does bring
The dark side of humanity can be an evil thing
So many due to war poor, stateless and hungry and living in fear
One can only hope that the years 2012 will be a more peaceful year
Than in the past decade of warring and terrorism and civil strife
Where war criminals showed no respect for human life
Lets hope the the year 2012 less wars with it will bring
And of the praises of peace more people will sing
And that the friend of today was yesterday's foe
Is that asking a bit much one would not hope so.

For Me Penning Of Rhyme

I am in my mid sixties with little money to my name
But for that i only have myself for to blame
I had my money making opportunities but i left them go by
In some ways i feel a failure that i will not deny

For many years i've been addicted to rhyme
I penned my first verses when in my life's prime
In time i'm going back thirty eight years ago
The biological clock becomes everyone's foe

With so little money and a stranger to fame
For me penning of rhyme 'a hungry belly game'
My best years in life to the forever gone
I must be addicted for to keep penning on

When in it for me no financial gain
Suppose addictions  until death with us does remain
And suppose i will be rhyming till the day i do die
If i did tell you different that would be a lie

For many years i have been a rhyming buff
And i am one of those who has penned heaps of stuff
But i do enjoy doing it is all i can say
And what i enjoy doing why should i give away.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Though you have plenty of things for to worry about
Worries in your life you are better off without
Since worry like weeds can grow out of control
And on your mental and physical health take it's toll
Where worry does live you will not find happiness
Only anxiety that give rise to heart problems through stress
To your physical and mental health you become your own foe
Due to worry the sibling of mental stress and woe
Due to heart attack through worry wealthy people at a young age have died
Whilst some find a way out of life through suicide
Though the praises of money the majority may sing
Money can buy you a lot but not everything
It can give rise to worry the sibling of stress
And bring to your life unwelcome unhappiness.

In Your Ways And Your Thinking

In your ways and your thinking you seem different from me
And on that we are very different i have to agree
We seem to have little in common to share
But between people this not unusual or not even rare

Our different ways make us more interesting some are known to say
And from each other most of us look at life in a different way
Like the Athenian loves Athens and the Roman loves Rome
In the company of like minded people one does feel at home

Your opinion on most matters different to mine
But you do own your thinking and that suits me fine
We have little to talk about when we do meet
Just a hello in passing in the park or on the street

Your ways and your thinking are quite different to mine
And in like minded company you wine and you dine
From your sort of thinking apart i have grown
But like it is said suppose to each their own.

Monday, December 19, 2011

'Tis True About Love

Great empires do rise and great empires do fall
And the greats of human history left to historians to recall
But no act of kindness is ever too small
For 'tis true about love that it does conquer all
Those with love in them to give are lucky people indeed
And of more of their kind the Human World is in need
That love leads to compassion and kindness happens to be true
The fruits of the karma we sow are our due
In a Human World of love wars would never take place
And there would be equality of gender and equality of race
Self centredness the sibling of mistrust leads to division and it would seem fair to say
That they are far too much of such things in the Human World of today
Those with love in them to give are of the enlightened few
Though to that you may say tell us something that is new.

Since Like Them

Since like them one day i am destined to die
Are the creatures i eat less mortals than i
Many of them die young to feed us whilst we multiply
Does right to life only to the human kind Apply?
Humans through engineering, science and technology have achieved greatness and we are led to believe soon
That earthlings will migrate to planets beyond the moon
But from the reaper of lives no place for us to hide
That death is part of life ought not to be denied
For the human kind three score and ten years is the average life span
By a few years most women do outlive the man
And though the positive legacy of some great people for centuries live on
After the very last breath of life from them has gone
The achievements of their successful lives we may well celebrate
But they were born as mortals like the creatures they ate.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

In The high Wooded Country

The harsh grating cries of white sulphur crested cockatoos
And the familiar voices of the dark brown weerloos
In the high wooded country from here far away
If only in fancy i am back there today
Where with eyes to the ground clinging to trunk of tree
The eastern yellow robins birds one often does see
On the look out for ground insects or smaller crawling prey
In their yellow breasts and wings and back of bluish grey
The kookaburras amongst the first birds to wake
In the dark of the morning just before daybreak
Their loud cackling laughter their territorial song
Once heard you will never again get them wrong
The memories of such marvellous beauty remain
Where in fancy i often do visit again.

When You Are At Your Lowest

Even for the words to describe your predicament you are stuck
Without any money and down on your luck
When you are at your lowest you are on your own
Where are they when you need them the friends you have known?
They were your drinking mates in the local bar
When you are in financial trouble you know who your friends are
When your financial circumstances changed out of your life they did disappear
Things can hardly be any worse for you next year
That your ex friends only liked you for who you were you have come to realize
In hindsight it does seem one becomes more wise
Your friends of the past are not your friends today
When you meet them on the street they look the other way
Like every other poor sad sack of the town
You know who your friends are when you are financially down.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being A Celebrity

Being a celebrity does not make for a good person as a good person may never know of fame
Just an ordinary individual that few people do know by name
Yet one who is only too willing to help one of help quite in need
Such a person is well worth admiring and a great individual indeed
The people who make the news headlines whose praises the masses does sing
Many of them in ways far from good people fame to kindness and compassion is a different thing
Those enamoured with the lives of the famous must not have lives of their own
I know of a few very good people and they are not even well known
The masses are the worst of judges big egos they only inflate
The caring and kind quiet achievers are people few do celebrate
Stories  of the celebrated and famous newspapers and magazines sell
Some good people i know never even make the local paper though they serve their community well
They are the unsung quiet achievers  not even well known on their side of the town
They help many in need of helping yet remain as strangers to renown.

In This Beautiful Place

The sun it is shining on Nature's green face
I do feel at home in this beautiful place
The birds chirp and sing on the bushes and trees
And brown butterflies dance in the freshening breeze
That gently blow in the park in the town by the bay
So good to be living on such a nice day
In temperatures perfect around twenty degrees
The buzzings of flies  and nectar gathering bees
The park lush and green after recent summer rain
About such nice weather you will not hear me complain
Utopia on earth cannot be far away
From this beautiful place on this beautiful day
Were i a poet  of this great beauty i would write
A poem for lovers of poetry to enjoy and read and recite.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bill From Swan Hill

A gentle enough sort of a fellow is Bill
He first saw light of day in the Town of Swan Hill
Twenty six years old and partnered a likeable bloke in his own pleasant way
At the peak of his life's prime one of him might say
The freeways of Australia he drives up and down
Between cities distant from his original hometown
Delivering freight a big heavy truck he drives through the night
His face to the roadhouse owners a familiar sight
Though mostly a fellow of no fixed abode
He lives in Richmond in Victoria when he is not on the road
In the home of his dark haired lover the beautiful Ann
She has fallen in love with the truck driving man
Pregnant with his child she's expecting in May
True love does not have borders as some like to say.

You Will Not Please Them All

At his funeral service his eulogy was read
And by family and friends kind things of him were said
His praises were sung and tears for him were shed
He now rests in peace in his dark earthy bed
But some who worked for him of him do have different to say
Respect to his memory they never would pay
To them he was not loyal to his workers a selfish, ruthless man
And some of them even begrudged him his lengthy life span
Survived by his children, grandchildren and their children and his sixth wife
At ninety six years one who lived a long life
Different views of the man he was those who knew him recall
You may well please some but you will not please them all
Suppose this is how it is and it always will be
The great person to you may not be so to me

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why Tell Me About It

Why tell me about it when i know all too well
That everyone have their own life story to tell
The happier times we may like to recall
But the up and down days known to most if not all

Old Jim at the pub likes to talk of the day
When for him there was a huge loud hip hooray
When at the regional track and field championships he raced to renown
In the four hundred metres final to become the toast of the town

The man who proved himself in many a test
Never mentions the times when he was second best
The man has grown older but his ego intact
It is a thing that age does not weary and this is a fact

Why tell me about it when i know it is true
That the Karma in life we receive is our due
On such a matter you talk to the converted when talking to me
For this is how it is and it always will be

Why tell me about it since i already know
That from others respect do not expect to receive if respect to them you do not show
Though to the one you do fear you may say you are my friend
There are times in our lives when we have to pretend

Why tell me about it since i know all too well
That we will never hear our own funeral bell
It is a fact of life and fact never lie
That we are born as mortals and all mortals must die.

One Of The Have Nots

One who never looks to the future he only lives from day to day
For him life is such a great battle his hair prematurely gray
On his next birthday he will be forty just a decade beyond his prime
One who cannot talk of the good days for him never an easy time
His only offspring his sixteen years old daughter lives with her step dad and her mum his ex wife
He lives in a basement bedsit alone in his miserable life
He works hard for three days a week in a processing factory for what is quite ordinary pay
The gap between the haves and the have nots growing wider that does seem sad to have to say
With little money for socializing till bedtime he watches t v
He has a few beers at the weekend he never does drink more than three
One of the have nots of the World at the wrong side of the social divide
He pays his way never beg, steal or borrow one might say of him he has pride
To him life is a prolonged battle although to better himself he does try
And that life is not meant to be easy to him surely has to apply.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Honorable Man

He never had in him the lust for wander and he has never wished to go to live elsewhere
He has never been in a big city or seen any of the bigger world out there
He has never had a female or a male lover going by what those who have known him for decades say
And he remains as he was much a loner over time he has not changed in any way
He lives on his own one in his early fifties wakes early for work every working day
An honest person who minds his own business and one who works hard for his every pay
Does not go to the church or watch sports on the t v does not go to parties or does not socialize
Does not have a religious belief but he is an avid reader and in the ways of the world he is knowledgeable and wise
One might say to most that he is very different and to most he looks at life quite differently
But to you who say that he is a strange person is he in any way stranger than you or me?
Perhaps in most ways he is better than us in his words he never puts others down
Having that said if everyone were like him there would not be any pubs or cafes in the town
Like all of us he may be far from perfect but to live a good life he does the best he can
And it would be a crime free World if everyone were like him for he is quite an honorable man.

Since I've Never Been One

Since i've never been one for to take a dare
Any stories of self bravery i do not have to share
As some do with friends when they do socialize
As is said by the wise 'shut mouth never catch flies'
I do feel that such advice does serve me well
Since of any acts of bravery on my behalf  i do not have to tell
A good run is always better than a bad stand has always been my way
Perhaps one reason i am healthy and living today
Fortune favours the brave as some are known to say
Though many for their extreme acts of bravery with their lives had to pay
Though of stories of great bravery one often does hear
One secret to a healthy and long life is of death to live in fear
Since i have never risked my life for God or Country
Fortune favours the brave does not apply to me.

In Duhallow Today

Somethings never change as some are known to say
It is wet, windy and cold in Duhallow today
The sky of December clouded over and gray
And cattle in farm shed bellow for silage or hay

The song thrush doesn't sing on bare deciduous tree
It is raining in Cullen and in Knocknagree
The Allow in Kanturk bank high in flood waters of brown
And it is raining in Newmarket and Meelin and in Millstreet Town

In Duhallow's winter weather little reason for cheer
News of flooding in Kilcorney, Rathcoole and Banteer
No winter sunshine where skies are never clear
In Duhallow it is an indoors time of year

Cold and wet in Rockchapel, Kiskeam and in Boherbue
Likewise in Dromtarriffe and in Derrinagree
Weatherwise from Lyre or Castlemagner no good news to report
In Duhallow in Winter not a good time for games or for outdoor sport

Where the rain driven gales often blow themselves tame
Weatherwise in Duhallow every Winter the same
Mushera, Clara and Caherbarnagh in their hats of snow
And Finnow to the Blackwater bank high does flow.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On Reading Callanan's 'The Recluse Of Inchydoney'

The poem 'The Recluse Of Inchydoney' of years has lived a two centuries span
Written by a famous County Cork poet his name Was J J Callanan
He died in his early thirties in Lisbon in Portugal where he had gone for health mending sunshine
As a poet and a gaelic translator  one of the last of the true bardic line

His immortal poem 'Gougane Barra' i loved even as a schoolboy
The music in his rhyming verses a thing of beauty to read and enjoy
He was a person who loved Nature his poems on them do not have a use by date
Inspired by his Cork rural surroundings such beauty in words he did create

Since he died in 1829 many Seasons in time have gone
The beauty in his words is living and his legend in death living on
In the World now many not like him and perhaps none in Cork or Cork County today
Even in his time true bards were not many and that does seem a fair thing to say

On reading Callanan's 'The Recluse Of Inchydoney' it took me to places far away
To Clara and to Caherbarnagh places i loved in a bygone day
The poet who died and was buried in Lisbon in Portugal in the year of eighteen twenty nine
Where he had gone for warmer weather in hope of health mending sunshine.

What Care I

What care i if i'm not of literary note
If i am not worthy of the title of poet
I write for enjoyment that and nothing more
I only say here what i have said before
I penned my first rhymes by old hills far away
In a place where i might be a stranger today
I am going back in years near four decades in time
To when i was younger and in my life's prime
I pen simple stuff that is easy to write
And easy to read, memorize and recite
Some tell me i ought to give rhyming away
But to advice i don't like any heed i don't pay
I do enjoy rhyming of that i won't lie
And i hope to be doing it till the day i do die.

At The Bluehole

At the Bluehole near Warrnambool the Hopkins crawls dark, silent and slow
Where into the pacific sea it does flow
A river that has inspired story and rhyme
That was even old in the dinosaur time
Where the first Australians fished and had their corroborees
Long before Cook's arrival going back centuries
When the Bluehole was known by some other name
But time does bring change and few things stay the same
In the gathering twilight just after sundown
At the Bluehole a few miles from Warrnambool Town
Peaceful and silent save for the Pacific's roar
As the huge white surf waves splash up on the southern shore
A memory for years to cherish and retain
And to visit again and again and again.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Motherly Advice

I recall as a boy my mum said to me son
I will not feel proud of you if you ever harm anyone
Just live as your dad does as an honest hard working man
And anyone in need of helping do help if you can
To my mother's advice i try to live true
In life we receive the Karma that to us is due
And in life if you do not give do not expect to receive
On such a philosophy i do believe
It was good advice that my mum to me gave
She died years before dad died they now share the same grave
From such words of wisdom life insights we gain
And true to her wishes for me i do hope to remain
Till the Reaper of Lives claims the life's breath from me
On some future night or day whenever that will be.

Jim Ed Huston

Known as the Waterford Lumberjack the man from Lismore
In Irish pubs and clubs for him many a rapturous encore
His name Jim Ed Huston one famed and widely known
Through years of travel and entertaining his reputation has grown

As a country singer few better than him
Not many country fans would not have heard of the talented Jim
From Ballyduff near Lismore he has travelled many miles away
Worked as a Lumberjack in Canada and a travelling entertainer in the U S of A

In Britain and in Ireland in the country music scene
He is loved by many as a true evergreeen
With the lovers of country his talents he does share
Sad to think that his kind are now becoming rare

The great gifts of song and music is a marvellous thing
On the World Wide Web i love hearing him sing
A well travelled fellow the decades he span
One can say of Jim Ed he's no ordinary man

Sad to say  characters like Jim Ed have become a dying breed
Of many more of his kind the Human World is in need
Wherever he is at happiness does abound
He carries joy with him and spreads it around.

Love Has Two Sides To It

Of the praises of love's joy and pleasure many known for to sing
But the flip side of love can be a sorrowful thing
The sad feeling of lost love can linger for years
Sometimes what begins in laughter can finish in tears
A well known quote that i can recall
Better to have known love and lost than never know love at all
Though some with such a philosophy may not agree
Lost love can be hurtful as the word can be
Doubtless love can be beautiful even absolute bliss
The passion of the joy and the pleasure in the first post meeting kiss
Love has more than one side to it why otherwise pretend
What begins in joy sometimes in tears has been known for to end
Love has two sides to it and it has always been this way
But then such is life as some do like to say.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yes Money Speaks Every Language

Doesn't matter your color, religion, gender or race
If you are short of money your's is a low social place
Those who say money speaks every language are speaking the truth
For those who are short of money know about lack of ruth
Of the praises of a pauper the masses never sing
For to live short of money it is not a nice thing
Poor with empty pockets on the poor side of the town
You know who your friends are when you are financially down
In a Human World where those short of money do not seem to count
Talk of egalatarianism is just rhetoric and to nothing amount
Of the existence of a life after death none have come back to tell
But for some there is an earthly heaven and for many there's an earthly hell
Yes money speaks every language with that i agree
This is how it is and it always will be.

The Extraordinary Young Man

The extraordinary young man in the ordinary town
His escape from reality his daydreams of renown
An International rock star the fans chant his name
A feel good feeling for him his imaginary fame
A good imagination is a marvellous thing
The rock loving rock fans his praises do sing
They do beg of him for to sing them some more
He sings one more song in a rapturous encore
To escape from his reality this is his way
He entertains his masses of fans every day
His teenage girl fans in excitement do scream
He escapes from his reality in his every day-dream
A vivid imagination his key to success and renown
The extraordinary young man in the ordinary town.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

But Then Such Is Life

They raised three children two girls and a boy
And for awhile they knew love and married life did enjoy
But last July their marriage fiftieth anniversary they did not celebrate
In their life's calendar just another date
Out of love though living under the one roof for three decades or more
Love and happiness lasted in their marriage of years perhaps a score
For years she has had her own lover does things her own way
For him being unfaithful to her the price he must pay
With seven grandchildren and time on them ticking on
In their early seventies the best years of their lives to the forever gone
For years they have not made love or slept together though under the one roof they live
For his infidelities him she did not forgive
Not all things in married life does go to plan
He has his own mistress she has her own man
Living under the one roof but not as man and wife
And barely on speaking terms but then such is life.

A Man From Duhallow

I have seen a bit of the World though many have seen more of it than me
But a man from Duhallow is all i can be
Duhallow far north of here as the migrant bird fly
In distance by air thousands of miles of sky
From there perhaps i have been too long away
In Duhallow i may feel a stranger today
I have not seen the Boggeraghs for twenty five years
Though for my past memories i've shed all of my tears
Far south of where i grew into a man and lived in my life's prime
I am feeling the wear of the passage of time
My fastest pace nowadays to most rather slow
The years on us all do eventually show
From the Boggeragh ranges many miles away
Far south of Duhallow i may live my last day.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Where Are They Today

The joy in your laughter the woe in your tears
The memories remain of the long bygone years
And the old streets you often did walk up and down
Full of youthful elan in the far away town

The boys and girls you went to school with where are they today?
All of them showing the ageing signs of time's decay
Some of them are deceased and in eternal rest lay
Time catches up on us since life is this way

Some of them are childless some of them never wed
Some of them are grandparents and sedentary lives have led
Some of them from the hometown in miles living far
How different in our ways everyone of us are

On looking back the years it does not seem long ago
To the days when you thought time would never become your foe
Time that does rust iron has left you walking slow
And the young person into an old person grow

Like the flowers of the Spring we are born to die
The same for the celebrity as for you and i
And when you think of the past to yourself do you say
The friends of my young years where are they today?

To Say I Am Not A Rhymer

For many years i have been a rhyming buff
And i've written what some in their wisdom refer to as stuff
The people who can boast of their literary degrees
And for their literary lectures and workshops do command high fees

As a rhymer i will never be one to the fore
I just write for enjoyment that and nothing more
I used to daydream of better things on days gone by
But the title of poet to me does not apply

The bug of the rhymer has followed me south
And always so much for me to write about
With words i am a fellow who does like to play
I am one who does pen a few rhymes every day

To say i am not a rhymer would be telling a lie
Still i hope to be rhyming till the day i do die
In my young years i daydreamed i might be a poet
Though i never became one of literary note.

For My Years

In wisdom and knowledge for my years i have little to show
And so little about life i can claim to know
Though we never stop learning as some like to say
And life has new lessons for us every day
Age does not always bring wisdom i have come to realize
As i do know a few young people who for their years are quite wise
And i know some who are ageing that wisdom has passed by
That wisdom comes with age to them does not apply
We learn from our mistakes as we are often told
But as for me i still make mistakes though i am getting old
And though some more than others have in them the power to discern
In life every day for us a new lesson to learn
But perhaps for to learn i must be rather slow
Since for my years in knowledge and wisdom i have little to show.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Would Rather Be Living Than Dead

Yesterday has gone to the forever like the Autumn leaves borne by the flooded stream
And of a happy and lucky tomorrow is all we can wish for to dream
Happy and sad memories we have of what has been to live in us until we die
As Shaw said life is not meant to be easy in that he was not telling a lie
Life for many has it's joys and it's sorrows suppose that's how it is meant to be
And though financially i am a poor bloke there are many far worse off than me
I could have been a victim of war or famine destined for to become a refugee
The people who live in fear of torture who know of extreme poverty
I have no reason to be complaining compared to many i do okay
I have never been stateless or homeless or never gone hungry a day
Yes compared to many i am quite lucky i should not be one to complain
I've never had to sleep or to live rough and i've never known of real hunger pain
Yesterday has gone to the forever and better days may be ahead
And though life may not be meant to be easy i would rather be living than dead.

Those We Ought To Fear

Any government should not have nuclear weapons that's how it seems to me
Though with such an opinion many may not agree
Uranium is a thing that should be left in the ground
Even for nuclear power it can be risky in nuclear reactors danger abound
Those with nuclear weapons at their disposal are those we ought to fear
And to a war between nuclear powers we have never been as near
One nuclear bomb can kill millions of people and reduce a great city to dust
Those with weapons of destruction are not worthy of our trust
Those who have weapons of mass destruction to the cause of peace cannot be true
Such people not worthy of our trust and respect though they believe such is their due
Even democratically elected governments such weapons should never possess
I fear and mistrust them and me they fail to impress
One act of aggression and a World Nuclear War could begin
A war that billions would die in and that no one would win.

In Life

In life i have made a few friends and i am not one without a foe
And my past it seems to follow me to wherever i do go
Success in life it does seem is a relative thing
Though only the praises of celebrities some do see fit to sing

The ups and downs of living life like most others i have known
But my problems are of my own making and what is mine i own
Many others far worse off than me so why should i complain
And grumbling of your lot in life new friends for you don't gain

So many people doing it tough in the Human World of today
And many far too many working for poverty line pay
And many becoming poorer for every new millionaire
Of the hardship the poor must endure most of the wealthy not aware

Compared to some i may seem poor but many far worse off than me
I am not homeless or stateless and i am not a refugee
Yes many far worse off than me that does seem sad to say
And the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps on widening every day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On The Passing Of Margaret Reen

Her passing must have reduced many to tears
The woman who lived for a century of years
A good mother to her children and to the late Frank Reen a good wife
In Millstreet Town she had lived for the most of her long life

Some four hundred Seasons of life she had seen
Few live for to be as old as Margaret Reen
Lived through two World Wars when times were quite tough
In life's every challenge one who proved good enough

Since we are mere mortals death is for us all
For each one of us there is a final Fall
What matter most Margaret lived as a good person never harmed anyone
And a whole pile of good in the World she done

To the memory of such a good person respect one must pay
For to help others out she went out of her way
Gone from Millstreet but not forgotten her beautiful face
Without her the Town seems a much poorer place

For each one of us there's a last night and day
By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's her last remains lay
Hope from life that she did have a painless release
The beautiful Margaret may she now rest in peace.

Mother Nature Is The Greatest

Never any shortage of things in Nature for to talk or write about
When day creatures seek night shelter the night creatures do come out
From their burrows and dark places where they hide from lamp of day
Both nocturnal and diurnal creatures born to live in their own way
Nature has her many wonders and her secrets are not few
And we are always learning from her something to us that is new
She's the World's greatest creator all of her life forms born to die
Though to the billions of the god fearing such a statement is a lie
Nature is the very greatest she's the one who feeds us all
From the great mammals of the sea to the smallest of the small
She feeds seven billion human beings on her for life we do depend
Yet we never seem to treat her as we would our greatest friend
Mother Nature is the greatest her bounty with us all she does share
Her creative powers amazing with her there's none to compare.

Were You Ever At A Party

Were you ever at a party where you did feel out of place
Where you did feel an outsider and your's was a stranger's face
Where with those at the table you sat little in common you did share
Your experience not unusual and to say the least not rare

They seemed educated people sophisticated and well read
And they were talking of a subject that seemed way above your head
Something that did not interest you not one little bit at all
This is not the sort of party years from now you will recall

Every day in life a challenge always for us some new test
On what to you  is a boring conversation you pretend to show interest
To excuse yourself and leave early does not seem proper so in their company you stay
Though every second spend with them seems a minute time does slowly tick away

You shake hands with them in parting with an inner sense of delight
Though you tell them how interesting you have helped to make my night
You feel glad that it is over such is life as some do say
In life there is some new challenge that we must face every day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Rod For My Own Mind

To self improvement by them for years i've been denied
Yet for my negative feelings of self i have nowhere to hide
My own praises i cannot bring myself to sing
Though in the twenty first century with many this is a popular thing
Yes self promotion for many are the buzz words of the day
And bigger fool me for not seeing it in this way
Into poor opinion of self i've been for too long inclined
It must have been my catholic upbringing that has screwed up my mind
And though a belief in the existence of a god i no longer retain
The theological lessons of my young years in my subconscious remain
Words such as be humble at all times and self never promote
And never feel you are one who deserves to be worthy of note
I know all too well old habits are hard to break
A rod for my own mind as a child i did make.

Your True Friend

Any arguments they've had they do leave to the past
A true friendship a human lifetime does last
Since only in death a strong friendship does end
Your true friend despite friendship trials will remain as your friend,
Friends over business deals do fall out and disagree
But they were never true friends that's how it seems to be
Since breach of trust over money is not the true friendship way
That your true friends are rare does seem fair to say
To say you have many acquaintances is not saying what is new
Feel glad for your true friends for your true friends are few
The trust you have in them they would never betray
Your true friend as your friend a whole lifetime does stay
Financially broke on the poor side of the town
Your true friend will come to your aid when you are feeling down.

Company C E O's

The huge companies they work for pay them millions to trim the workforce and keep the overheads down
The millionaire C E O's from the wealthy side of the town
About the futures of the employees they make redundant they do not seem to care
Their companies every year many millions in wages they do spare
C E O's who make their millions in a dirty sort of a way
Are generally not the nicest of people that does seem fair to say
Thanks to their kind the monetary gap between the haves and the have nots increasing by the day
Suppose this is how it is and how it will stay
For as long as in the Human World there is monetary greed
There will be some with far too much money and many in financial need
C E O's in the most part quite greedy and insensitive suppose this is their way
To make up the Human World it takes all kind as some like to say
For creating unemployment they receive thousands in an annual raise
From company bosses the best sort of praise.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Long Way North Of Here

A long way north of here to fields near Millstreet Town
Where i penned my first rhymes when my hair was dark brown
Where from the high country by night and by day
Old Finnow to the Blackwater babbles on it's way

On my flights of fancy i hear the birds sing
In leafy groves of Millstreet on evenings in Spring
When the hawthorns are in their blooms of white to gray
And the old fields are wearing their flowers of the May

Where i grew to love Nature when i was a boy
And learning of her ways i still do enjoy
I still can memorize the babble of the rill
On it's way to the river from the field by the hill

And the song of the robin to foretell of rain
Old memories do visit me time and again
Where mine to many locals was a well known face
In Millstreet in Duhallow in my first homeplace

And for as long as the gift of memory with us remain
Old memories of what was are ours to retain
On Spring nights the male snipe with his wings and tail makes a goat like cry
As above the bogland on a courtship dispaly he does fly

In Claragahtlea in Millstreet in Duhallow my life's journey began
Though far south of there i do age as a man
And the memories of far places live on in me
Of Seasons long gone and of what used to be.

Old Fred

Old Fred looking well for one of ninety three
And few of his age looking healthy as he
Though his once brown hair it is now silver gray
And clearly he has known a far better day
His lover brown eyed Susan is seventy one
She says pairing with Fred the best thing in life she has done
He may be old enough for to be my dad
But he's the best lover that i've ever had
Old Fred never married though he had a son Stan
One of those who did not make it home from the war in Vietnam
Outlived by his dad a World War 2  veteran decorated for bravery
Who still is going well at nine decades and three
His seventy one years old lover Susan is in love with her Fred
She says for his age he is some man in bed.

The Rockchapel Migrant

Every evening he walks with his wife and their teenage daughter on the beach at Lady Bay
A bloke in his late forties his hair silver gray
From his first homeplace in Duhallow many miles away
Though he may feel a stranger in Rockchapel today

In Duhallow he was born and raised and went to primary school
Though 'twas the lust of the wander that brought him south to Warrnambool
Lack of work in his migration also had a say
He has settled in Warrnambool for the long stay

With a beautiful daughter and a lovely brown haired Aussie wife
The Rockchapel migrant is happy in his life
Though happy in Warrnambool the memories remain
Of a place he once loved that he may not see again

He left his first homeplace when he was nineteen
And some of the big world since then he has seen
And he may feel a stranger in Rockchapel today
His first homeplace far north of old Lady Bay.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Most Know Where

Most know where their life's journey began but do not know where it will end
Since none can look into the future why otherwise pretend
Though some claim to have physic powers and say they can see what of us is ahead
Nostradamus could as we have been told though he is for centuries dead
If there is or is not a life after death it is not for me to say
Though i believe i will be forever dead when i've lived my last day
But what is real to you may not be so to me
As on most things most people not known to agree
That we are born as mortals is surely not a lie
Since life's journey does end and one day we must die
Yes must die like the earth worm that lives in earth and clay
For all of us there is a last night and day
An average of seventy years for a woman and a few years less for a man
Even the longest lived human life in time not a long span.

The Enlightened One

If you look for sorrow joy you will not find
Since darkness does always cloud light from your mind
This is what the enlightened one often does say
In his thoughts on life he's heading the right way
The happy go lucky have a rare gift indeed
And far more of their kind in the Human World we do need
Wherever they are happiness is to be found
They carry joy with them and spread it around
The cheer to a gathering that humor does bring
For laughter it is such a wonderful thing
Laugh and the world laughs with you weep and you weep alone
There isn't much mirth in the heart of a stone
The enlightened one surely does have it right
When he says where there is darkness there cannot be light.

On Summer's First Day

For almost every word there's another word to rhyme
And so much to write on and so little time
For to write on things we see and hear every day
Since the clock on our lives does keep ticking away
It is true enough rhymes are quite easy to write
And easy to memorize and to recite
On the first day of December and Summer the birds chirp and sing
I hope to be living to see in next Spring
Since so many Seasons i've been privileged to see
And even on the length of life for the young there is no guarantee
Many people dying of different causes years younger than me
Suppose like the words in the old song what will be will be
The sun it is shining in clouds blue and gray
In quite pleasant weather on Summer's first day.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Favourite Can Be Beaten

His backers cheered loudly when he won the marvellous outsider
He hugged the rails at every bend the others raced out wider
He raced on to the winning line as if he were a rocket
The favourite backers feeling sad for they were out of pocket
The favourite does not always win and to the winner goes the glory
And when the rank outsider races to victory it makes for a good story
But the favourite connections and backers left to count their monetary losses
For those who like to gamble life can have it's financial crosses
The favourite finished in fourth place in racing he met with trouble early
But on the night it can be said the rank outsider he won fairly
At odds of twenty five to one the bookmakers were celebrating
What can be the cause for joy for some to others can be deflating
The favourite can be beaten but what makes for a better story
Is when the rank outsider hits the front and races on to glory.

In The Southern Antarctic

It is said that in the Antarctic only fungi does grow
Though they ought to tell us something we do not know
About the planet's coldest land from anywhere far away
Where a person could only live for a brief stay
Yet in the cold waters of the Antarctic some fish and mammals and birds are known for to thrive
Many life forms do well where humans could not hope to survive
Us humans who outlive most species to die frail and old
Could not hope to live for long periods of time in extreme heat or cold
And though some talk of living in universal planets elsewhere
In the icy Antarctic humans cannot live there
The most successful life form on Planet Earth us humans may be
Though unprotected in extreme weather temperatures we would perish quickly
But in the Southern Antarctic where the icy winds blow
Some life forms known to thrive in the great land of snow.

In A Human World Of Love

That love can lead to peace it well may be so
But you do make a friend of the foe of your foe
Amongst each other we play politics every day
It is what is often referred to as the games people play
With those who tell us that war leads to peace i for one don't agree
Since after the war the one you waged war on remains your enemy
But in a human world of love peace would take pride of place
And those of compassion and understanding would be leaders in the human race
In a human world of kindness and love and compassion we would be led by the just
We would not know of war the legacy of hatred and mistrust
The war supposed to end all wars was fought some nine decades ago
But we still make a friend of our enemy's foe
In a human world of love this never would be
Though with what i say here many would disagree.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Beside My Neighbour Sorrow

Beside my neighbour sorrow a vigil i do keep
It is not an unmanly thing to hear an old man weep
For lost youth and for lost love in memory only to be found
Happiness is always absent where sadness is around

Beside my neighbour sorrow i do feel close to tears
He weeps for happy memories lost in the bygone years
He is feeling frail and older his better years long gone
The old clock of the reaper on his life ticking on

All alone with his memories the old tunes of the past
Bring back a glimpse of happier times that sadly did not last
Of the one he loved and often danced with who died in her life's prime
Leaving him with memories of her that does not fade in time

Beside my neighbour sorrow i have come to realize
That it is not an unmanly thing to see tears in an old man's eyes
The old tunes on the radio take him to the long ago
And memories of the happier days in him stir tears of woe.

The Last Bard Of The Southern Grampians

The last bard of the Southern Grampians is more than a local poet
Beyond the borders of his home shire he is known as one of literary note
His gifts with the wider world he is happy to share
A poet of the people and his kind are quite rare

The last bard of the Southern Grampians eighty on his last birthday
The years on him are taking toll his balding head is gray
But every day he is writing another ballad, poem or song
South West Victoria's Laureate the title to him does belong

Doubtless he is a natural that he was born to write
Often at literary gatherings some of his poems he does recite
For many years and decades one to the poetic fore
He has been the recipient of many an encore

The last bard of the Southern Grampians his best years may be gone
But he's  still writing verses and he keeps on keeping on
He is far more than local he is a famous poet
Far beyond the borders of his home shire known as one of literary note.


On the wet grass after rain you better watch out
For the little dark leeches are crawling about
For to get some of your blood to your legs they will cling
Whilst not life threatening to play host to leeches is not a pleasant thing
For whatever reason your blood they do need
And when they've drunk their fill the puncture mark on your skin does slightly bleed
In damp and warm weather they seem to multiply
And attach themselves to any legs to where they are nearby
If you happen to see one you are on leech infested ground
For they are not scarce in large numbers they abound
In that spot do not tarry from there move quickly away
For to play host to leeches will not make your day
On the wet grass after rain the dark leeches are out
On their search for a blood host they are crawling about.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

You Will Not Please Everyone

By love and by kindness respect can be won
But though hard you may try you will not please everyone
For there is always a few who of you will say
That you must be a fool to go out of your way
For to help one in need without reward or pay
Some will tell you that fools they are born every day
Some people in the promotion of self do only believe
They do not understand that in life you must give to receive
The people who suffer of darkness of mind
For to make up humanity it does take every kind
You may be the most giving person in the town
Always trying to help people who are feeling down
But there are always the few who of you will say
That only a fool would do anything without asking for pay.

It Does Not Cost Us Money

It does not cost us money it is absolutely free
The greatest beauty in the world we do not pay to see
The unrivalled beauty she possess a beauty beyond compare
Our Earth Goddess Mother Nature with us does freely share
Today the birds are singing in the woodland nearby
Many of nature's creatures we get to know by their chirp or song or cry
The Earth that feeds the billions of the world's human family
Supports every life form from the humble worm to the tallest tree
The greatest things in life are free as some are known to say
For to view the beauty Nature creates we do not have to pay
Mother Nature the great creator in death creates life every day
The wood louse born in rotting wood known to thrive on decay
Wildflowers bloom in the sunshine a lovely sight to see
To view the greatest beauty in the world is free to you and me.

In A Decade From Now

In a decade from now if i'm living to many i will seem an old man
But if i am to die tomorrow of life i will have enjoyed a good span
Of many so many young people who were destined to die young
the balladeers may sing their praises but i'd rather die old and unsung
Than to be remembered for decades as one who died in their life's prime
Were i dead i could not serve any purpose i would not be writing this rhyme
So here's to life and all of it's feelings the sadness the joy and the stress
A gift by chance that i've been granted but the greatest gift i do possess
The deceased are beyond all feeling for them no more laughter or tears
For them no more good or bad memories they cannot look back on past years
I feel grateful that i am still living though my better years are long gone
And i hope the reaper will give me some more time for i'm one who wants to live on
To hear the birds sing in the woodland on a balmy morning in Spring
The great gift of life i am living and life is a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You Do Not Have The Right

You do not have the right to be judgemental and to verbally put others down
In so doing you will not win yourself respect and become the best loved one in the town
Judge not and thou shalt not be judged it is so true and to everyone it does apply
If you do choose for to judge others by your own judgements you too must live by
Though you are quite a judgemental person on that you are not alone
Casting of aspersions on others is something most people do not condone
A fair go to every individual no matter what creed or what race
Prejudice does not have a color and in the Human World does not have a place
It is easy to pass judgement on others as easy as the word can be
The judgemental lacking in the great gifts of compassion and empathy
Such people in their ways are ignorant and ignorance as is said is bliss
Judge not and thou shalt not be judged the point of it they seem to miss
By thinking you have the right to be judgemental in your ways you must be so small
Three cheers for the spirit of equality and three cheers for a fair go for all.

The Beautiful Place

Long after mine has been a forgotten face
Life will go on in this beautiful place
The birds will chirp and sing on the bushes and trees
Their pleasant notes carrying in the freshening breeze
That blow through the park as the sun is going down
Above the brown hill towards the west of the town
were i born a poet a poem i would write
For the lovers of Nature for to read and recite
Of the beautiful place lush and green after rain
Memories of such beauty that one does re-visit again
Many decades from now on a pleasant evening in Spring
In this beautiful place the birds will chirp and sing
In the freshening breeze as the sun is going down
Above the brown hill towards the west of the town.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pat Mullane

In Millstreet he was born and his last remains now lay
From the Priests Cross where he used to live just a short walk away
Pat Mullane a nice quiet person and it does seem fair to say
That he will be sadly missed in Millstreet where he first saw light of day
In the flesh in the Town of Millstreet he will not be seen again
But in the thoughts of those who knew him fond memories of him will remain
Hope he did not have to suffer and that he died in peace
Sad to say that death for many from life a painful release
Pat Mullane is gone from Millstreet where he spent most of his long life
Never more to be seen at Priests Cross where he lived with his wife
He must have been close to eighty of life he had a long span
One who worked hard and lived honest and he was a gentleman
He will be sadly missed by many from the streets of Millstreet Town
Where often on summer's evening he used to walk up and down.

Away From The Town

Away from the town in the wood by the hill
Where grey shrike thrush the one with the musical bill
Is whistling to fanfare the birth of the day
To describe such beauty words i do not have for to say
The creek through the scrub with a babble does flow
In places quite fast and in places quite slow
On it's way to the river that flows to the sea
The voices of Nature amazing to me
Away from the town and the loud traffic noise
Where the whip cracking like call of the whipbird can be heard at sunrise
In the home of echidna and wallaby and roo
And the big dark brown parrot known as the weerloo
In the garden of Nature where peace does abound
And beauty is ever present and everywhere around.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Memories Of What Was

The memories of what was with me does remain
When in fancy i visit my young years again
The joy of recognition when old friends i do meet
Many miles north of here in the Town of Millstreet
Familiar faces in the flesh i may never more see
But mental pictures of them are still living in me
The past in reality to the forever gone
But the memories of what was in me does live on
Though some of them now with the deceased does lay
In mental pictures the people of my young years have not aged a day
I feel enslaved by memories of what was of that i won't lie
Memories that will live in me till the day i do die
People in my mind who have not aged in memory young they remain
And in my flights of fancy i meet them again.

My Wonder Of Nature

My wonder of Nature in time seems to grow
But so little about her i can claim to know
Though of her i learn something new every day
We never stop learning as some like to say
I have loved our Earth Mother since i was a boy
And learning of her ways i still do enjoy
And though to Nature's great students i do not belong
Some birds i recognize by their chirp or their song
Her secrets are many and her wonders not few
Though every day of her we learn something new
All of her life forms including us humans are mortals since facts never lie
She is the one true immortal she will never die
The cycle of life in Nature will continues and life will go on
 Long after i am forgotten and to the forever gone.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Weather Is Warm

The weather is warm near thirty degrees
And so very humid without any breeze
The sun it is hidden in clouds of darker gray
It does look like rain cannot be far away

A bird i do often hear and often see
In the town park i hear the song of the pee wee
He and his mate build a cup shaped mud nest on low branch of tree
Black and white birds familiar to many and familiar to me

On late November in late Spring with Summer quite near
The weather changes quickly at this time of year
With thundery rain in the forecast in a changeable Spring
Nature's beauty with it rain always does bring

A warm humid day in late November the sun does seem shy
It is hidden behind the gray clouds of the sky
It does seem quite likely that rain is on the way
But overall it does seem it is a nice day.

To Live Poor And Homeless

To live poor and homeless is not what one would choose
But in life 'tis hard for to win and 'tis easy to lose
Many for a successful life never have a fair chance
Due mainly to what is known as birth circumstance
He or she one of the children of the lesser gods
As a homeless teenager is battling the odds
Born to dysfunctional parents mentally feeling down
Without work and penniless on the poor side of the town
In a world where millions of people live in dire poverty
That one can choose what they wish to be does not seem right to me
In the refugee camps millions of refugees
The victims of wars and famines with immune systems weakened from disease
You can be what you wish to be to me does not sound right
For millions of people life is an uphill fight.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

From Colac To Warrnambool

In Spring a green countryside in Summer mostly brown
As you drive out of Colac on towards Camperdown
A flat open landscape though not lacking in trees
Where birds and animals can shelter from the sun, rain and breeze
Lots of sheep, horses, dairy and beef cattle for to see
On the highway to Warrnambool to the Pacific sea
In Summer mostly brown and in Spring mostly green
Between Colac and Warrnambool few houses to be seen
Though not lacking in beauty it does seem remote
I would write a poem of it were i born a poet
A countryside that has inspired many a story and rhyme
That would have changed much since the long gone Dreamtime
Where the first Australians lived and hunted and had their corroborees
On the warm Summer days in the shade of the trees.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Why Call Them The Honorable

Referred to by some as the honorable but still just the same
Not many honorable amongst them that one might name
In parliamentary sitting every day
Towards each other they behave in the most disrespectful way
Shouting at each other and name calling as they disagree
Their behavior  seems ordinary even to one like me
By the rude things in parliament to each other they do say
They abuse their parliamentary privileges in quite a bad way
Verbally for political advantage in parliament they behave aggressively
Instead of the honorable they should be called the ordinary
Their conduct in parliament far from exemplary it does seem sad to say
Children for such behavior are suspended from school every day
Why some call them the ordinary one must wonder why
When such a word to them should never apply.

Those Who Can Lose With Grace

The one who can smile in the face of defeat
Amongst the most honorable can take a seat
And congratulate the winner with a hug and well done
To smile though disappointed it does take a brave one
The winner has won the right for to feel proud
And the winner in victory can laugh aloud
But it takes a noble person for to lose with grace
And accept defeat with a happy smiling face
The praises of the winner the audience may sing
But those who can lose with grace honor on themselves bring
And the ungracious loser is a loser indeed
Such an attitude with the winning of respect does never succeed
For one to win another must lose since life is this way
But the one who can smile in defeat will be a winner one day.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Young Man From Warrnambool

He hails from from the place where the Hopkins crawls slow
As near to the ocean it does silently flow
Where he first saw light of day and where he went to school
The young man from the old City of Warrnambool

From his first home City he now lives far away
In Northern New South Wales in the Town of Byron Bay
With a young wife a son of five and a daughter of three
Like all he follows the ways of his life's destiny

In Warrnambool where he first saw light of day
He was one who was not destined for to stay
He met and fell in love with a Byron Bay beauty and with her settled down
And he is happy to live in the sub tropical Town

His mum and dad and only sibling his younger sister live in Warrnambool
Where the weather at most times is windy and cool
South of Byron Bay at least eighteen hours by car
To most people in distance such a journey seems far.

Amazing Nature

Suppose i'm not one who was born for to lead
I just pen simple rhymes that are easy to read
For decades of years i've been a rhyming buff
And i am one of those who has penned heaps of stuff
Perhaps without me the wordsmith trade could do without
But always so much for me to rhyme about
A beautiful spring evening the blackbird on song
The birds and their music to Nature belong
'Tis hard to feel sad on a day like today
She is amazing Nature is all i can say
To rhyme me she never has failed to inspire
And of singing her praises i never could tire
In the blue sunny sky just a few clouds of gray
'Tis good to be living on such a nice day

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not For Me To Say

Since you cannot change the course of your life's destiny
Why worry about it what will be will be
You could die young in an accident or of old age at one hundred and three
Only know that death is for certain for you and for me

You ask me of the existence  of an afterlife of a heaven and hell
On such a subject i'd prefer not to dwell
As to your question i do not know the answer on that i won't lie
I only know that i am destined to die

Since of the life i now live is all i know about
Of the existence of a life after death i feel reason to doubt
If God does exist it is not out there but in the individual mind
As i do know some atheists who are compassionate and kind

The answer to your questions not for me to say
Only for us all there's a last night and day
I am one who hopes for to live for as long as i can
And to die without pain as a very old man.

The Great William O Leary

A legend for his County of Cork and his home Club of Millstreet in Gaelic Football
Of his scoring feats far too many to recall
He once scored two goals against Kerry in a Munster Final in Killarney in a stunning display
In a beaten Cork team he was man of the day

Though for that we must go back many decades in time
William O Leary was one of Ireland's best forwards in his glorious prime
As a boy i watched him in Coachford in a Cork County senior Championship game against Lees
Kick some amazing points into a very strong breeze

When the Finnowsiders looked beaten he refused to give in
That day the Millstreet hero in their great comeback win
A dashing young forward in his glorious prime
Memories of him remain through the decades of time

Though still very much amongst the living time has become his foe
Not the man he was some five decades ago
When i was a schoolboy he was at his best
One never found to be wanting when put to the test

A marvellous Gaelic Footballer when he was a young man
William O Leary younger brother of Millstreet stalwart defender Dan
One who was made of the stuff of which heroes are made
For Cork and for Millstreet many great games he played.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On Such A Nice Day

A beautiful evening just to be alive
To walk in the park or to go for a drive
The blackbird is piping on a mirror bush tree
And the magpie lark sings his familiar pee wee
A pleasant Spring day of sunshine and breeze
Not too warm or too cool of around twenty degrees
The pied shag on the lake diving for small fish prey
It would be hard to fault such a beautiful day
On the twenty first of November nine days left of Spring
On the bushes and trees the nesting birds sing
The parkland has never been looking so green
Where wildflowers abound Nature at her best to be seen
A cool freshening breeze is blowing up from the bay
Who could not but feel happy on such a nice day.

Claraghatlea West Of Millstreet Town

The old Townland i have not seen for many a day
The place of my childhood from here miles away
Claraghatlea west of Millstreet Town on the road to Rathmore
In sky miles far north of this southern shore
It is cold and wet in Duhallow today
Where Finnow to Blackwater is babbling it's way
Bank high from the high country in flood waters of brown
Through the rushy flat fields close to Millstreet Town
Memories of Duhallow's wintery weather with me does remain
Of the snow capped hills the frost and wind and rain
But every passing day one day nearer to Spring
When the nesting birds will chirp, whistle and sing
And above Claraghatlea fields the swallows will fly
Far north of this Country by land, sea or sky.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Your Greatest Foe

Bad memories the memories we wish to forget
Of people we knew we wish we never met
A friendship that ended in acrimony and woe
A former friend can become your bitterest foe
Some with their old grudges a lifetime do live
They find it too hard to forget and forgive
Though you often see them in the park or the street
The people you'd rather not see or not meet
Your friends of the past but your foes of today
You pass them in silence look the other way
Bitterness can set in when love and friendship does end
Your worst enemy was once your greatest friend
On meeting you both pass in silence without saying hello
Your greatest friend has become your greatest foe.

His Farewell Bell

One in his mid twenties strong, fit, healthy and well
But today he did not hear the tolling of his farewell bell
One who leaves a baby daughter and a grieving wife
A driving mistake it did cost him his life
In the fading twilight half an hour before dark
Last week i met him and his wife with their baby in her pram in the park
With a cheerful good evening they greeted me
The last time together them i was to see
A young father and husband was buried today
For a driving mistake with his life he did pay
Speeding to get to work on time of his car he lost control
To become one more statistic of a growing road toll
He was driving too fast danger he did not fear
This morning the bell that farewelled him he did not hear.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sheila Kelleher

Not many in Millstreet of her would not know
Sheila Kelleher the Manageress of the famed Laurels B and B at Minor Row
Devoted to her children and to Clem a good wife
'Tis so sad to learn she has lost her gift of life
Few beautiful as her when in her life's prime
When she married Clem going back decades in time
And only the memory of what was remain
Of people we knew but will not see again
Gone from Minor Row another beloved face
Millstreet Town without her is a much poorer place
Along with her husband Clem a Killarney Road Rovers  fan
The Club their son Niall played for when he was a young man
Hope her passing from life was a painless release
One who was loved by many may she now rest in peace.


When compared to my neighbour the kind hearted Sam
How self centred and selfish a person i am
To help those in need of helping he goes out of his way
One who does perform good deeds every day

Yet he even remains a stranger to local renown
An unsung hero of a coastal country town
Where sport stars and celebrities take pride of place
The kind and compassionate fellow's not a well known face

The already big egos they do further inflate
Where the kind and compassionate and caring they do not celebrate
Though 'tis not the need for adulation kindness in him provoke
He just happens for to be a very good bloke

He does not idolize celebrities or talk of football
But of all of the town's young men the kindest of all
Ask the poor aged widowed pensioner Mr's Wright about Sam and to you she will say
He has done so much to help me without asking for pay.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Paddy Kelleher

I knew him as a young man driving trucks for Paddy Den
Paddy Kelleher was always a man amongst men
A handsome looking fellow broad shouldered and tall
One of Millstreet's finest as i do recall

'Tis so sad to learn that he has passed away
As was for him for us all there's a last night and day
A good father to his children Jerry and Rosemary and a good husband to Theresa his wife
The honorable man led an honorable life

In Millstreet Town in the flesh never more to be seen
But memories of him will remain evergreen
Amongst his many friends and acquaintances one a pleasure to meet
He will be sadly missed in the Town of Millstreet

In Millstreet his life's journey for him began
And there he went to school and grew into a man
And by Cashman's Hill in the Tanyard his last remains lay
From his first home in distance a short walk away.

I Only Can Sing

I only can sing of the beauty i've seen
When Spring is in Koroit in her gown of green
And on trees and bushes the nesting birds sing
The workings of Nature an amazing thing

I only can sing of the far away hills
And the babbling tongues of the creeks and the rills
That flow to the river that flows to the sea
The wild voice of Nature sweet music to me

Of Nature and her ways so little i know
But my wonder of her only does seem to grow
I first grew to love her in fields far away
And doubtless i will love her till my life's final day

I only can sing of the wombat and roo
Of crimson rosella and yellow tail black cockatoo
And magpie and pee wee and pied currawong
One gets to know birds by their chirping or song

I only can sing of the freshening breeze
That soughs in the branches of the taller trees
And though my worth as a rhymer i have reason to doubt
In Nature there's heaps of things to write about.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Saying From My Childhood

A saying from my childhood i recall i have heard said
That one never ought to speak ill of the dead
But those words to the living should also apply
A fair go to anyone we ought not to deny
But some never receive a fair go that does seem sad to say
People who do have to live with prejudice every day
In a fair Human World this never would be
Of the unfairness of prejudice some  will never be free
Some people in their ways do seem very small
They believe on a fair go for their own kind but not on a fair go for all
The way you speak of others tell of the person you are
The victims of prejudice are left with a lifetime mental scar
And sad to say the fair go to all to all does not apply
Though such a right to anyone we ought not to deny.

Australia's Foreign Based Leaders

Australia's Head of State lives in Britain and Australia's Commander in Chief lives in the U S of A
At least anyhow it is looking this way
Australia's so called Government and Opposition the wishes of the U S Government obey
That our politicians are weak seems a sad thing to say

Though with what i say on this many may not agree
That the U S should have army bases in Australia seems all wrong to me
The assets of the Country Australia's Government sell
Though from such dealings a minority of Aussies doing well

Australian uranium being sold to Countries where nuclear weapons abound
Such stuff belong to Nature and should be left in the ground
Australia's Government selling off the Country's natural assets for a short term gain
How they can be so gullible is beyond me to explain

Australia's Head of State lives in Britain the Commander in Chief in the U S of A
Though he has departed Down Under just after a night and a day
Obama is one Australia's P M Gillard does greatly admire
And of singing his praises she never seems to tire.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Have No Right

You have no right to judge him though wrong he has done
He too has a mother just like everyone
Convicted for a traffic speeding offence not a serious crime at all
Compared to the sins of some others his does seem quite small
He has his driving licence suspended on him this is tough
A judge of the court he has judged him and on him has been hard enough
And he does not need one like you to verbally put him down
Remember he too has to live in this town
He is far from a bad person though he has had a slight fall from grace
Just a bit wild in his ways though his heart's in the right place
For being his self appointed judge any award you will not receive
You and people like you on live and let live never could believe
You have no right to judge him though you do not see it this way
For his traffic violation his state appointed judge has decided on the price he should pay.

Our Lessons In Life

Our lessons in life always come at a cost
In erosion of trust in others and in innocence lost
In our dealings with people we find everyone is not just
And not many people you know you do trust
For us there are lessons in life every day
But the price of such lessons can be huge for to pay
And trust from once breached you may never regain
The one who has wronged you by deception you may not trust again
Though you may not be one out to even a score
Your trust in one from once lost is lost forever more
We receive from life what is only our due
And to your higher self if you cannot stay true
And your untrustworthy ways have given you a bad name
Then for that you have only yourself for to blame.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Great Tits

White cheeks, black head and throat, yellow unders and back and tail blue to green
Familiar to many birds that are often seen
They nest in a tree cavity or hole in a standing log or a wall
Fond memories of them i do have to recall

Once seen and once heard one cannot get them wrong
The great tits have an unmistakeable song
Metallic, high pitched and often repeated in Spring his nesting borders he defend
Even males of his own kind to him then not a friend

Like many small birds few great tits live to be old
In Winter many of them die of hunger and cold
And only the strongest survive to see Spring
To build nests and mate and to raise young and sing

Fond memories of them i do have to retain
And in my flights of fancy i see them again
Searching for seeds and insects and spiders and bees
Sometimes on the ground but mostly on the trees.

In The Far Away Hills

In the far away hills the dark brown weerloo
The birds known to many as yellow tail black cockatoo
With their strong beaks are shredding the monterey pine cones for their tiny dark seeds to eat
What does not look appetizing to them a nutritous treat
In the far away hills far from the nearest town
The white cockatoos are squawking as the sun is going down
On the mountain ash the tallest of eucalypt trees
Their harsh calls are carrying in the freshening breeze
That blow across the high woodland in the fading light of day
In the hills west of here the high woods far away
They laugh in the twilight and they laugh at daybreak
The loud laughter of the kookaburras one could never mistake
'Tis a beautiful place to be when the sun is going down
West in the far away hills far from the nearest town.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Long Way South Of Millstreet And Rathmore

He will never again see old Caherbarnagh or Gortavehy and it's face of stone
Or he will never again see the sun rise above the legendary Paps of Shrone
An aged migrant from the Cork and Kerry border a long way south of Millstreet and Rathmore
The passage of time has left him walking slower though he looks well for one of eighty four
From where he lives Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra in distance more than half  a world away
As a handsome young man his hair it was light brown his balding head it now is silver gray
His Aussie wife is deceased with a few years in eternal rest her bones forever lay
And far south of the Cork and Kerry border he will live out his final night and day
A great grand-dad his son and daughter in their fifties they too are showing the wear of passing time
It has been awhile since they were in their twenties they are two decades beyond their life's prime
On looking back the years go by so quickly though he hopes he has not lived his final Fall
For everyone there is a final sunset there is a last night and day for us all
He often talks of Villages near the Cork and Kerry border such as Ballydesmond, Cullen, Gneeveguilla and Knocknagree
Though he knows today that he would be a stranger in the place he left in nineteen fifty three.

Wherever My Travels Take Me To

Wherever my travels take me to my past it keeps following me
The old fields i loved in my young years embedded in my memory
The silver tongued rill from the high fields goes babbling by ditch and hedgerow
And i still see the hawthorns of Maytime cloaked in their blossoms as white as snow

To the fields where i grew to love Nature the Seasons do come and do go
The old fields that remain as ageless whilst time it has become my foe
Yet i can visualize the male robin singing on a leafy alder tree
The summer sunshine on his red breast his way of proclaiming territory

In far fields by northern mountains my love for Nature began to grow
But the more that i do learn of her  the more i realize so little about her i know
She never does cease to amaze me i learn from her every day
Our Earth Mother the one who supports us to describe her the words i do not have for to say

Wherever my travles take me to the past with me does come along
In my flights of fancy the chaffinch on a silver birch tree is on song
Cattle by the day are getting fatter on grass lush from recent spring showers
And the old fields are looking resplendent in Nature's own wildborn flowers.

Monday, November 14, 2011

It Ought Go Without Saying

It ought go without saying that power is with might
And the truth to be found in two wrongs don't make a right
And though to humanity's honor many an amazing feat
Our mistakes of the past we do tend to repeat

That history does repeat itself does seem to be so
The war supposed to end all wars was fought near a century ago
But from that we've not learned war is waged today
We give most of our power to the aggresive it does seem this way

And those we share things in common with we do wish to know
Hence we do make a friend of our enemy's foe
And where friends do fall out there is hostility
This is how we are and we always will be

We do have our good points and we do have our flaws
And we live by the book of our human made laws
From the birth pains of a woman our life's journey began
And old age and death follows youthful elan.

One Can Only Look

One can only look for the best in people though the best in some you may not find
For there are people who are self centred and do not know how to be kind
The people who try to promote self by trying to bring others down
'Tis true one likely to meet all sorts in any city, village or town
Some people spiritually damaged as children by mentors lacking on insight
People who impressed on them for to climb the social ladder to put down others is all right
People learn their values as children the values that they do carry through life
The child whose mentors does disrespect women will be the man who abuses his wife
We become mirrors of our mentors though their gift of life from them may be long gone
We become what they used to stand for their sense of values in us does live on
We follow the ways of those we looked up to as children though their set of values were wrong
The bent saplings grows to a bent tree the straight sapling grows tall and strong
One can only look for the best in people this is how it should be anyway
Though on getting to know some you feel disappointed that does seem a fair thing to say.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Am Of The Fields

I am of the fields where the rushes do grow
Where the river Finnow to the Blackwater flow
Of here to the north and many miles away
Though home is where you live as many do say
Though them in reality i may never more see
Those old fields do hold happy memories for me
High above the rushes in the prime of Spring
The little brown lark in the cloud world does sing
A musical speck in the calm evening sky
Though born on the ground to sing he has to fly
I only have memories left for to share
Of the fields of the badger and the shy brown hare
When the hawthorns are cloaked in their white blooms of the May
And the nesting birds sing for to greet the new day.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Archie Roach's Countryside

Killarney in Victoria Archie Roach's countryside
Where he lived with his beloved Ruby Hunter till in her fifties she died
And left him to grieve for her in their home by the sea
How sad very sad life for him has to be

The pride of his race and his indigenous clan
The passage of time and poor health has stripped him of some of elan
But the great gifts of music, song and poetry with him does remain
And good to know the gifts he was born with are his to retain

Till he breathes his last though his words and music will live on
Long after the memory of the existence of most from human history has gone
His memorable words will take people down memory's fading track
And the ghosts of the tribes of the lost children he sung about will keep coming back

To their spiritual homes in this great land of the south
The children that Archie Roach does sing about
By the Government taken from their parents child stealing a crime
Sad memories live on through the passage of time

Of Australia's great singer songwriters one who remains to the fore
For Archie there has been many an encore
Far beyond Australia's shores he is famed Worldwide
And he lives in Killarney in Victoria his beloved countryside.

Since We Are born As Mortals

Since we are born as mortals we eventually must die
The same for the monarch as for you and i
Like every form of life death is for us all
And for each one of us there is a final Fall
You may be one the masses do celebrate
But like the food you do eat on you a use by date
Like the flowers of the Summer we fade to decay
Our prime quickly passes as time ticks away
I envy the one who does age with grace
Who wears the age wrinkles on hands, neck and face
Who never uses hair dye to cover the gray
The one who does age in the natural way
We are born as mortals that and nothing more
Though this is something you know of and heard of before.

A Very Good Person

A very good person but she never stands out in the crowd
And she is not haughty and she is not proud
One kind and compassionate in her own way
Unkind things of others she never does say
A middle aged widow with a twenty year old unmarried son
By her acts of kindness from all who know her respect she has won
'Tis a sad fact of life and not anything new
When i say that great people like her far too few
For the person she is her i can only admire
And of singing her praises i for one never tire
I often see her in the park or on the street
A beautiful person a pleasure to meet
With the warmth of sunshine in her cheerful hello
One can say of her she has the inner glow.

I Do Have My Flaws

As a community or socially minded person i will never be known
Suppose i do have my flaws but my flaws are my own
But i hope my flaws do not hurt others in any way
Since i believe in live and let live i see it this way
I have never lived at a fashionable address
Though i am one of many who knows about stress
For to live as a good person i feel i do try
But my failings are many that i won't deny
One  not that well known in a small coastal town
Though in my words i've never brought anyone down
I go my own way and i do my own thing
Though the praises of good people i too like to sing
On success i too had my chances i left them go by
Any sort of success never comes easy for it you must try.