Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Fault Is My Own

For years i have lived on the poverty line
And for that i own to it the fault is all of mine
What i receive from life is what i am due
That is how i see it and i believe to be true

I do not pity self or from others seek sympathy
It is my own fault that i'm in poverty
One of the non achievers of the small town
Low in self esteem and financially down

Struggling financially on a low income with bills for to pay
I never think of tomorrow just live for today
And only self induced hardships i have known
For my poor existence the fault is my own

It is my own fault that i've never known of success
That for years i have lived in a financial mess
I cannot complain that by life i've been hard done by
I did have my chances that i will not deny.

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