Friday, February 18, 2011

From Here To Birdsland

From here to Birdsland many a kilometre of roadway
At least a four hours drive without any delay
But in my imagination i am back there today
Where the shrike thrush is whistling in his feathers of gray
Walking on the gravel path by the lake with Jedder my old dog of me trotting ahead
In my thoughts she is living though she is long dead
Whenever i went to Birdsland i took her with me
My faithful companion as true as can be
In the wood overlooking Birdsland amongst the decaying trees
The tinkling notes of the bell miners do float in the freshening breeze
That blows from South Belgrave down the semi wooded height
Through the Birdsland Reserve a Nature's delight
The currawongs calling the dark birds of rain
I am back with Jedder in Birdsland again.

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