Thursday, February 24, 2011

He Thinks Of The Days Gone Forever

He thinks of the days gone forever when he was a virile young man
When he was driven by ambition and full of life's youthful elan
The years have left him looking and feeling older his once light brown hair now silver gray
Time does not wait for anybody as some have been known for to say
A grandfather to seven grandchildren his second wife left him last year
But to him that was sort of a blessing for her he did not shed a tear
Just like as happened in his first marriage the love it went out of their life
There is one thing he says he will not be doing and that is having a third wife
He often thinks of the women of his young years he wonders where they might be today
In anti ageing creams and hair dyes do they try to hide time's decay?
Some of them he did make love to back when his hair was longer and brown
When he was a virile young fellow one of the young studs of the town
He was a young man of the fifties his better days he do recall
The years on him seem to be telling time it does take care of us all.

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