Friday, February 25, 2011

I Write Of

There are rhymes all around me and rhymes in my head
I write rhymes of the living and i write rhymes of the dead
I have been a rhymer since seventy three
The poets can write poetry the rhymes are for me

I write about war and about civil strife
And i write about people and i write about life
The rhymes come to me on paper i jot them down
Though from penning rhymes i'll never know of wealth and renown

I write about Nature the greatest one of all
The comings and goings of her Seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
I write of the birds and the bushes and trees
And i write of the soughings in the woods of the breeze

I write of the tide roaring into the bay
And the animals i hear and see every day
In Nature there's so much for to write about
Though my worth as a rhymer i always do doubt

I write of the beautiful wildborn flowers
That bloom in the sun after life giving showers
Of Nature and life in my rhymes i do sing
And rhyming with me is an addictive thing.

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