Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Write Rhymes

I write rhymes because i enjoy doing it though them i could not hope to sell
And some who mean to be offensive dismiss my stuff as doggerel
But they do not deter me from writing since i am one who loves penning stuff
For many years i've been a rhymer and i'll remain a rhyming buff
Not much good at sports as a young man at athletics, gaelic football or pool
Or not known to be a bright fellow i was not a good pupil at school
In my late twenties i discovered rhyming the rhymes keep on coming to me
Anybody can be a rhymer 'tis easy as easy can be
I never take myself too seriously since i am not one you would call a poet
I am just your average fellow not one who is worthy of note
I penned my first rhymes in the early seventies in Claraghatlea near Millstreet Town
To have climbed to the cross on Clara for me is sufficent renown
I write rhymes not for fame or money i enjoy doing it little else more
I am just your average rhymer you have heard me say that before.

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