Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not An Earthly Paradise

Those who have never lived here will never understand
That this is not an Earthly Paradise this great far Southern Land
The devastating Victorian bush fires, Queensland's destructive Cyclone Yasi and of biblical proportions flood
Yet courage in abundance flows in Australian blood

Australia is not an Earthly Paradise travel brochures can deceive
It cops it's share of beatings from Nature that you'd better believe
Photos of young beauties in bikinis on sunlit beaches you may see
Tourism promoters only show the glamorous side and that's how 'twill always be

Months of drought and scorching sunshine followed by huge storms and heavy rain
Many farmers in Australia know of huge financial pain
By the extremes of weather their cash crops are destroyed
And in floods and raging bush fires some of their livestock have died

The home of the marsupials and the gum and wattle tree
Australia a safe haven for the Stateless refugee
And compared to most Nations a racially tolerant people that is the Australian way
A fair go to everybody the broad minded Aussie say

But not an Earthly Paradise this great Land of the south
From Nature it has copped many a hiding in wind, flood and fire and drought
In fact this so called Earthly Paradise you will not find anywhere
In any Land or Island of the big World out there.

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