Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not Everyone Can Be

Not everyone can be wealthy and famous that is a fact of life and facts never lie
Those born to very poor parents in most cases as poor do die
Most people do have their daydreams and though few daydreams ever come true
Some form of success will come to you if that happens to be your due
The praises of the wealthy and the famous the majority of the masses do sing
To be loved and admired by so many has to be an ego inflating thing
But not everyone can be a winner and in comparison to non winners the winners seem few
That is something everybody does know and what everyone know is not new
'Tis hard for the homeless teenager to scale the heights of success hill
For such a person to be successful would take great belief in self and will
Not too many of life's big winners come from the poor side of the town
'Tis hard to rise again and keep fighting when by life you have been put down
Not everyone can be wealthy and famous though everyone wishes to be
'Tis so hard for the poor and the homeless for to rise above their poverty.

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