Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Of To Whom And Where We Are Born

Of to whom and where we are born we do not have a say
Though most spiritual people do not see it that way
Some claim our parents and birthplace in life is our pre destiny
Though many with that i'm sure would not agree

I am only a person with a point of view
And what is true to me may not be so to you
We all look at things in a different way
But thanks be to for that is all that one can say

Some claim our gift of life does come to us by chance
And to whom and of where we are born part of our life's circumstance
Whilst some are convinced our parents and place of birth we do choose
But then who would wish to be born into life for to lose

All hope of success due to birth into dire poverty
For millions of poor children this is how it must be
They never will know of prosperity and happiness
For them to survive to be young adults in their life is success.

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