Saturday, February 12, 2011

On Julia Gillard

The Australian economy is booming Julia Gillard does say
But many Australians do not see it her way
Despite what she does say many Aussies are doing it tough
And many are homeless and are sleeping rough
When Julia Gillard talks about the dignity of work many low paid workers say what is she on about
Along with the unemployed of Australia's Economic good times they do feel left out
Their wage rise does not match the rise in the cost of living which seems to escalate by the day
Words do seem quite easy for Julia to say
The Prime Minister and leader of the Australian Labor Party seems more like a Conservative Liberal to me
For Australia's have nots she does not offer much sympathy
Between herself and Tony Abbott the leader of the Opposition the difference seems so small
That one would have to ask if there is any at all?
Julia Gillard lacks in compassion going by what she does say
Australia's majority conservative voters with her do have their way.

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