Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Out Out With Mubarak

'Tis true people power an unconquerable thing
Out out with Mubarak Eyptians did sing
In the face of great pressure some resistance he did show
Till the realization on him it slowly did grow
That for him to resign for him no other choice
Out out with Mubarak thousands to their feelings gave voice
After thirty years of dictatorial power in Egypt Hosni was forced out
By the will of the Egyptian people an end to his rule came about
Hosni Mubarak thought he could quell the uprising but thought had proved him wrong
The force of numbers against him and his Government to cling to power proved too strong
The people of Egypt eventually did get their way
More power to the people as some like to say
Out out with Mubarak the thousands did shout
And eventually they did force their dictator out.

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