Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some Men

Some men love their wives and their children and are known to be caring and kind
Gentlemen in the true sense of the word any fault in them not easy to find
But some other males they are not this way their wives and their children they do beat
In any way not to be trusted they lie and embezzle and cheat
Some men are narcissistic and boastful they take love of self that bit far
Self alone is their only focus their great job and their expensive new car
They want to be the centre of attention with their yuppie mates in their local bar
They take their need to be loved to the extremes but then suppose this is the way they are
Whilst others are shy and introverted they never do have much to say
You never do see them at parties to socialize is not their way
Whilst some do need power over others the need it is in them to rule
And they abuse their power in a big way and find pleasure in to others in being cruel
Many males wish to be wealthy and famous to be amongst the privileged few
On saying most men in their ways very different i am not saying anything that is new.

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