Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today In Christchurch In New Zealand

Nature can be so unpredictable look at what happened in Christchurch today
A tuesday and business as usual and everything did seem okay
But suddenly the ground started shaking and great buildings like dominos did fall
And amongst the panic and commotion trapped people for help heard to call
In the C B D buildings were shaking and falling and glass, mortar, bricks and slates were flying
The dust blown out from fallen buildings the screams of the injured and dying
This time 'twas Nature spreading terror when angry of property and lives she takes toll
The one who does clothe and does feed us is destructive when out of control
She erupted without warning in Christchurch and left death and destruction in her wake
The one who has the power to create life never grieves for the lives she does take
There is no greater force than Nature the one who creates a beautiful flower
In a moment of anger she can cause death and destruction she is the World's only Superpower
Today in Christchurch in New Zealand great buildings by her were destroyed
And she has left sorrow and suffering where many have been injured and died.

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