Friday, February 18, 2011

A Victim Of The Compassionless

The boy in asylum detention his parents by drowning have died
Yet a basic right his right to live free of him is denied
Though not guilty of any crimes in detention he is forced to stay
Such a lack of compassion by Goverment leaders in the Human World of today
That his deceased parents wanted a safer and a better life for themselves and for him ought not to be a crime
Yet people fleeing persecution are often held in detention for long periods of time
By so called democratically elected leaders seems all wrong to me
For to appease compassionless voters this is how it must be
Many democratically elected leaders who condemn others for poor human rights do not stand by what they say
Since little respect to human rights laws themselves seldom pay
Any compassion to him by the authorities not shown
The orphan boy in detention through no fault of his own
In the Human World the flower of compassion is a fading flower
The compassionless people in the ballot box wield the power.

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