Friday, February 18, 2011

The Water-tank Singer

In the enclosed water tank in the backyard well hidden from sight
In his breeding Season he sings all the day and he sings all the night
Just a sort of a single plonk that he utters continuously is his breeding song
That he utters all the day and all the night long
Perhaps he's not successful in wooing a mate
I hear him in the morning and in the night late
He has not stopped singing for a week or more
From his constant plonking his throat must feel sore
He is just a small frog with an amphibian's brain
He sings for a mate and before and during rain
For weeks in the late Summer and the early Fall
All day and all night he does constantly call
From the water tank in the backyard i wish he would hop away
To a water tank in some other backyard to sing all night and all day.

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