Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Try To Forget Our Unhappy Memories

We try to forget our unhappy memories and our happier times in our thoughts we retain
And we learn from the process of living from the past in wisdom we do gain
We all have had our unhappier moments and we have known the good times as well
And of life and our experiences of it we have good and bad stories to tell
If you are a kind and giving person from Karma good things you will receive
What goes around always comes around on such i am one who believe
The Gods may seem to be against you but for as long as the flame of hope in your mind burn
You will make your way through the hard days and good times to you will return
For the minority life is Utopia so many are doing it quite tough
And many are homeless and hungry and are condemned to sleeping rough
It is hard for one to stay positive if you struggle through life day by day
With a wife and young children to upkeep as you try to survive on low pay
But like 'tis said hope springs eternal and in life as you struggle to cope
You need something positive to cling to and that positive thing is called hope.

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